Midwifery Today Issue 77

Issue 77

Summer 2006

Midwifery Today Issue 77Theme: 20th Anniversary

This issue marks the 20th Anniversary of Midwifery Today. In addition to the usual interesting and educational articles on topics such as HIV, Business of Midwifery, birth stories, and international midwifery, this issue contains writings by readers on how Midwifery Today has helped them throughout the years. Special bonuses include the chapter on Prenatal Diagnosis from Sarah Buckley’s new book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, and a look back at the very first issue of Midwifery Today.

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  • Midwives, Mothers and Mothers-in-law—Marion McLean
  • Mothers: Birth Helpers, Bosses or Intruders?—Michele Klein
  • Vaginal Births After C-section Are Not Necessarily Riskier in a Birth Center than in the HospitalJudy Slome Cohain
  • Prenatal Diagnosis—Technological Triumph or Pandora’s Box?—Sarah J. Buckley
  • A Road Home—Rebecca Holdsworth
  • Sexual Abuse and Pregnancy—A Homeopath’s Perspective—Piper Martin
  • Sage-femme—Kara Maia Spencer
  • Leaving a Legacy: Tom Brewer, Joan Donley and Jeannine Parvati Baker
  • The Anatomy of a Miracle—Sara Schley
  • Elizabeth DavisHeather Long
  • At Home in Birth—Jana Voelke Studelska
  • HIV and Breastfeeding: What We Do and Do Not Know in 2005—Nancy Miller
  • The Business of Midwifery: Documentation for Success III—Homebirth—Linda Lieberman
  • Miracle Birth—Marlene Waechter

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