Midwifery Today Issue 75

Issue 75

Autumn 2006

Midwifery Today Issue 76Theme: Birth without Borders

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  • Midwifery and International Maternity CareMarsden Wagner
  • Afghanistan—Linda Barnes
  • Birth without Borders: The Clash of Modern & Traditional—Wintergreen
  • Tsunami Midwives: Learning to Burn the Umbilical Cord—Robin Lim, Harvest Rowena Alcock, and Kelly Dunn
  • The Cambridge Doula Program: Helping Women Access Their Deepest Courage—Julie Brill
  • What More Can We as Midwives Do about HIV?—Nancy Miller
  • Twins, Breeches and Roadside Birth in Iraq—Susan Raymond
  • A Hospital Visit in China—Teri Ewing
  • Women’s Secrets: Childbirth in Rural Ethiopia—Deborah Craig
  • A Miracle in Aceh—Robin Lim
  • Homebirth Advocacy—Judy Hagan
  • Eugene Conference 2005 Report
  • A Selection of International Nutritional & Herbal Remedies for Breastfeeding Concerns—Cheryl R. Scott and Hilary Jacobson
  • Preserving Simple BirthSister MorningStar
  • Midwifery Revolution—Marina Lembo
  • Arriba la RevoluciónMarina Lembo
  • Doña Irene Sotelo—Translated by Robbie Davis-Floyd
  • Luna Llena (Full Moon)—María Cristina Galante Di Pace and Araceli Gil Archundia, translated by Robbie Davis-Floyd
  • Luna Llena: Centro de iniciación a la partería en OaxacaMaría Cristina Galante Di Pace and Araceli Gil Archundia
  • Preventing Episiotomies—Katherine Jensen
  • Mexico Birth Center: Part I—Joni Nichols
  • The Midwife Garden—Janice Marsh-Prelesnik
  • The Meaning and Functions of Labour Pain—Verena Schmid
  • The Business of Midwifery: Documentation for Success—Linda Lieberman

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