Midwifery Today Issue 72

Issue 72

Winter 2004

Midwifery Today Issue 72Theme: Prematurity and Postmaturity

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  • Question of the Quarter
  • Marion’s Message
  • Media Reviews
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  • A Timely BirthGail Hart
  • Prematurity Is Preventable!—Amy V. Haas, BA, BCCE
  • The Tree and the FruitMichel Odent
  • Antioxidants and Preeclampsia—Jennifer Enoch, MS, CNM
  • GBS, Pregnancy and Garlic—Judy Slome Cohain, CNM, MS
  • Does Mother Nature Really Make Mistakes?—Katherine Jensen, CNM
  • The Power of Words—Sandra Gonzalez-Parisi, CD (DONA)
  • HIV Basics—Nancy Miller
  • Just How Long Is “Normal” for Labour?—Astrid Osbourne
  • The 30-Minute Third Stage—Gloria Lemay
  • The Birth of a Midwife—Marlene Waechter, CPM, RN
  • In Memoriam: Maureen Mitchell—Sarah Carson
  • Freedom from Fear—Piper Martin BEd, DS HomMed
  • The Business of Midwifery: Coding 1—Linda Lieberman, CNM, MSN
  • Cultural Lack of Birth Experience Empowers Media Representations, Not Women—Colleen Bak
  • Holistic Evaluation of Healing after Cesarean Birth—Nell Tharpe, MS, CNM, CRNFA
  • To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: Rubella and the Adult Woman—Beth Bergeron

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