Midwifery Today Issue 70

Issue 70

Summer 2004

Midwifery Today Issue 70Theme: Hands-On Care

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  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Question of the Quarter
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  • Teaching Respect for Hands-On CareIna May Gaskin
  • The Primal Touch of BirthKara Maria Ananda
  • Hands-On Care—Jill Cohen
  • Midwives: Creators of Community—Alison Bastien
  • Extra Special Care for Birthing Women who happen to be HIV-positive—Nancy Miller
  • What More Can We Do About HIV?Nancy Miller 
    As midwives we are ever involved in measures to prevent maternal, fetal and newborn death. In the last couple of decades, we have added measures around HIV infection in order to prevent death of women and their babies from AIDS. But are we doing enough?
  • Raven LangDina Davidson 
    “I set out to be an educator but was called upon by my community to do more, and I could not say no.” Raven’s Birth Book, currently out of print, is considered a classic in North American birth literature. Numerous prominent authors cite Raven’s work and credit her as both inspirational and educational.
  • Traditional MidwiferyAlison Bastien 
    Traditional midwifery cannot be understood on a timeline or through protocols. Nor is it a fascinating compendium of “tricks.” For the same reasons that it seems a lost art, I believe it will never disappear. For wherever a woman plants her spirit and says, “I’m with you,” a tradition is carried on.
  • So, You Want a License, Eh?—Carol Gautschi
  • The Business of Midwifery—Linda Lieberman
  • Library Displays Spread the Word about Midwives—Karen E. Wallace
  • Bonding—Sarojni Mehta-Lissak
  • The Many Ways to Sew Up a Uterus—Judy Slome Cohain
  • ICP–the Mystery Itch—Sara Rea
  • A Candle—Laine Holman
  • Bearer of Light–Homeopathic Phosphorus—Peggy Sawyer

International Midwife

  • A Trip to the Tropics
  • Cards & Letters
  • Is There A Balance?—Kelly L. Holder
  • Giving Birth and Being Born in Water—Albin Th öni
  • Waterbirth—Cornelia Enning
  • Hands of life—Jennifer Hall
  • Preserving Traditional Midwifery Around the World—Maria Fannin
  • Interviews with Maiden Midwives—Mary Kroeger
  • The Cord and the Strength of Life—Marina Alzugaray
  • El Cordón y la fuerza de la vida—Algo ExtraordinarioMarina Alzugaray
  • Mercy In Action—Vicki Penwell

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