Midwifery Today Issue 118

Issue 118

Summer 2016

Theme: Core Midwifery Skills

Midwifery Today’s goal has always been to bring the best information to midwives and mothers. One of the most effective ways we know of to enact change is through education. That is why we are excited for this issue on Core Midwifery Skills. We have solicited articles from experts in the field of gentle birth, including Michel Odent, Sister MorningStar, Diane Goslin and Vicki Penwell. We hope you enjoy Issue 118, and we are always grateful to hear your feedback, either through our Facebook page or via e-mail at mgeditor@midwiferytoday.com.

Cover photo by Lynsey Stone (dfwbirthphotographer.com). Lynsey is a mother of four who has been photographing births in North Texas for the past 10 years. She has had a variety of birth experiences herself from a scheduled cesarean to a home waterbirth. These experiences have made her passionate about birth, so when she was offered the opportunity to photograph a friend’s birth, she jumped at the chance. She would like to dedicate this cover to her mother, Mary Sparks, and her mother-in-law, Billie Stone, who both provided support and childcare for this endeavor and who both passed away in March.

Pictured: Alexis and Cian Young greet their daughter Izzy. “Izzy was welcomed into the world surrounded by an incredible team of midwives. There was nothing like seeing her precious face for the first time! It was a moment that has changed my life forever.” —Alexis, mother

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