Midwifery Today Issue 111

Issue 111

Autumn 2014

Midwifery Today Issue 111Theme:  Prematurity

Learn about prematurity—its causes, ways to prevent it and how best to handle it—in this issue of Midwifery Today magazine. The best of the best have shared their birth wisdom with us in this issue. Michel Odent, obstetrician and midwife supporter, has included an article on prematurity he previously wrote in French and has now translated into English. Herbalist Susun S. Weed shares some of her knowledge on herbs, and midwives Diane Goslin, Sister MorningStar and Marlene Waechter draw from their decades of experience to help educate us on this important topic. Also, we are sad to say that we recently lost two heroes in the natural birth world: Stephen Gaskin and Sharon Evans. You will read tributes to each of these people, who were much loved and are incredibly missed.

Cover photo by Sophia Williams (sophiabirth.com)

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