Midwifery Today Issue 109

Issue 109

Spring 2014

Midwifery Today Issue 109Theme: The Placenta

The placenta … what an organ! Though still mysterious to many, some in our culture seem to be slowly learning of its postpartum benefits. This issue is filled—and I mean filled (over 25 articles!)—with placenta stories and wisdom, as well as information on group B strep, homebirth transfers, how to support Muslim families as a midwife and so much more. In this packed issue, you will read from Robin Lim, Michel Odent, midwife Sister MorningStar, Jodi Selander (the placenta expert!), herbalist Susun Weed and others. Please remember that a subscription to Midwifery Today is a wonderful gift to the childbirth educator, midwife, obstetrician, doula, nurse and pregnant mother in your life. Thank you for your support. Enjoy!

Cover photo by Sophia Williams (sophiabirth.com)

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