Midwifery Today Issue 102

Issue 102

Summer 2012

Midwifery Today Issue 102 Theme: Fourth Stage

For many new parents, the postpartum period is a time of survival. The myriad changes that have just taken place emotionally, physically, mentally and financially can be difficult to transition into, but for many in our culture, this sensitive time is overlooked or under-supported. Some view this fourth stage of birth as a nesting time of 42 days, others see it as the first three months of a baby’s life and still others see it as only the first one or two hours after birth In this issue of Midwifery Today, you will read how some of the rest of the world views this time, as well as gain some information on newborn procedures and practices. Enjoy!

Lora Denton is a stay-at-home mom of two young children, with a passion for photography and birth. She is grateful to each family who has allowed her to attend their birth and aspires to capture emotion in each picture she takes. See more of Lora’s work at www.loradentonphotography.com.

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  • From the Editor
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Media Reviews
  • News
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  • Photo Album


International Midwife

  • Cards & Letters
  • Pokot Tribe—Amy Towle
  • Kraamverzorgsters: Postpartum Aid in the Netherlands—Thea van Tuyl
  • Homebirth in Puerto Rico: A Little-known Choice—Limari Colón
  • Birth in Israel—Ilana Shemesh

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