Midwifery Today

Issue 1, Winter 1987

Premier Issue

As Brianna Skolnik was born, her mother, Barbara, reached down to receive her. The many hands in this picture seem an appropriate symbol of midwifery: mother, father, and midwife blending as one to welcome the baby. Photographer Deborah Wells shot the birth on 400 ASA, shutter speed 125, at noon under a skylight.

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  • Marion’s Message
    Midwives’ sexuality
  • The Childbirth Educator
    Six steps to certification
  • In My Opinion
    Midwives must be professional


  • From the Editor
  • Letters
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Laughing Matters
  • Staccato Briefs
    Timely, condensed technical information
  • Media Reviews
  • Test Yourself
  • Working in a Large Practice
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Working Abroad


  • Rhogam at 28 Weeks
    A comparison of risks and benefits: antenatal administration is not without controversy
  • Cigarettes and Breastfeeding
    Startling effects on the nursing couple
  • Reaching for Compromise
    Can birth practitioners from several professions get along


    • Meet the Practitioner
      Childhood wonder pays off
    • Herstory
      Standing up for motherhood
    • Super Midwife
      Hey, Mom!


  • Poetry
  • Birth Art Gallery
  • Photo Album


  • Journal and Abstracts
  • Midwifery & the Law
    Malpractice & Midwifery
  • News
  • Calendar

Your Practice

  • The Formulary
    Practical recipes for remedies and nutrition
  • Birth Critiques
    Experience with Herpes gestations
  • Improving Your Practice
    You are a counselor

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