Issue 130

Whether the trauma occurs in childhood, during pregnancy, or during birth, it can affect a woman during her childbearing year—and can affect partners, as well. This issue is full of articles that deal with preventing or healing trauma. Beth Barbeau shares a variety of tools, including naturopathic remedies, emotional and energetic support and herbal support among them. Gomer Ben Moshe tells of how a trauma survivor is supported in a c-section and Lori Barklage tells us how to recognize and heal trauma based on her RISE Up program, among others. We also include thought-provoking articles on “Revitalizing Midwifery” by Jasmine Krapf and “Birth Behind Bars” by Mary Ann Lieser, and much more!

Issue 129

Midwifery Today Issue 129, Spring 2019 Theme: First Stage Labor “First Stage Labor” is perceived in different ways by different people. This issue of the magazine makes great reading for practicing midwives, those who are just learning their craft, and pregnant women who want to know what to expect. In addition to the articles on the topic, this issue also includes a timely piece on measles, by Judy Slome Cohain, as well as articles on eating and drinking in labor, midwifing a death, and the connection between midwives and weasels in folklore. This issue has something for everyone. Cover photo by Elaine Baca ( Elaine is a documentary photographer in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Her passion is bringing more representation of women of color to the birth and documentary photography industries. More recently, her work has focused on bringing awareness of racial disparities in birth outcomes for African American women in the US. As the daughter of an active duty Air Force chaplain, she has lived across the US, from Florida to Alaska. She now lives in Waxahachie, Texas, with her husband and two daughters. Pictured: Deitra had two previous births in the hospital and wanted something different for her third.

Issue 128

Midwifery Today Issue 128, Winter 2018 Theme: Labor Complications Make sure you receive the next edition of Midwifery Today magazine, which hits newsstands, mailboxes, and Midwifery Today online this December. Our Winter 2018 issue is dedicated to the topic “Labor Complications” and is filled with clinical articles, vital information, midwifery tricks of the trade, gorgeous birth photos, and delightful homebirth stories from around the world. “Labor Complications” can occur at anytime, expected or not, and midwives need to be knowledgeable about and prepared for them. This Winter 2018 issue offers a refresher for some of those complications—including umbilical cord prolapse and learning to handle the unexpected. In addition, it includes the usual birth stories and practical advice for midwives and doulas, along with birth practices, customs, and rituals in three different countries, and enjoyable writings by Sister MorningStar, Michel Odent, Jane Beal, the continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette, and much more! Cover photo by Rebecca Walsh. She is a devoted mother and birth photographer in Denver, Colorado. In 2017 she partnered with the talented Monet Nicole ( and together the two have beautifully documented hundreds of births across the Denver Metro area. Rebecca’s passion to document the

Issue 127

Midwifery Today Issue 127, Autumn 2018 Theme: Birth “Birth” is the theme of Issue 127 of Midwifery Today. This magazine will take you through many aspects of birth, from the amazing action and interaction of different body parts, to the role of fathers, to how doulas help military families giving birth away from friends and family. you can also read more in our continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette and midwives in history by Jane Beal, as well as birth stories, clinical information, and stories from midwives on the front lines of birth. Cover photo by Paige Driscoll ( Paige is an award-winning photographer and a doula, as well as a mother to five boys. She is a storyteller of real-life moments, specializing in birth and motherhood. Her children’s births were the most beautiful and empowering experiences of her life and led her to become a birthworker. She is a certified birth doula, with training through Childbirth International, DONA International, and Hypnobabies, with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development. She has attended over 150 births. Her goal is to help parents feel confident, safe, and supported during birth, while documenting their journey. With a passion for birth

Issue 126

Midwifery Today Issue 126, Summer 2018 Theme: Labor Labor is a key part of the work of midwifery. Long labor, short labor, fear of labor, orgasmic labor. These are just a few of the many aspects of labor that are covered in this issue. It features articles on labor from well-respected midwives that include Marlene Waechter, Vicki Penwell, Sister MorningStar, and others. Other articles cover topics on subjects such as support for sexual abuse survivors, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, postpartum mood disorders, as well as our regular columns such as Tricks of the Trade, Wisdom of the Midwives, the Doula Corner, and more. Cover photo by Rebecca Coursey-Rugh ( Rebecca is a documentary photographer and birth doula in California. When she was young she dreamed of being able to craft tales about the way she saw the world around her—illustrating lives and etching words into stone. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three boys, two black labs, and a cat. Pictured: Birth, like death, is universal, yet each woman has her own story of how she became a mother. Birth can be wild and fierce but soft and quiet, predictable yet unexpected. In this image, the laboring

Issue 125

Midwifery Today Issue 125, Spring 2018 Theme: The Doula The use of birth doulas is becoming more prevalent in the US and other parts of the world. This issue covers the role of doulas and their contribution to better births and showcases the work of a variety of different doulas and the populations they serve. The magazine also has a great section on breech birth in “Wisdom of the Midwives,” and several clinical articles, as well as birth stories and opinion pieces. Cover photo by Natalia Walth ( Natalia has been a birth photographer and videographer for six years. Prior to starting her business, she was an Air Force reservist in her “spare time,” while simultaneously working for a busy law firm in Los Angeles. She is a mother of three and a wife to her husband. Their dream is to travel the US in an Airstream trail-er, but then they remember that they have a 100 lb German Shepherd that whines too much. Pictured: Herbal baths have many healing properties for mothers. Using the right herbs can help a woman and her baby heal during postpartum. These sessions are a form of pampering. Moms get time to soak and

Issue 124

Midwifery Today Issue 124, Winter 2017 Theme: Prenatal Care “Prenatal Care” is an essential component of the relationship between a midwife and mother-to-be. This issue looks at it from various angles, covering prenatal yoga, safe herbs, providing care in a low-resource country and in “plain communities,” as well focusing on what women want. We have our usual inspiring birth stories, international stories—including Laos and the Philippines, reviews of medical studies and our new section on doulas, which covers some of the groundbreaking changes happening in Oregon. Cover photo by Esther Edith ( Esther is a birth photographer and doula in Spokane, Washington. She is married to a philosophy professor, and has two daughters. Esther is passionate about her Christian faith and sees every birth as a miraculous gift of life—each is an incredible honor to capture. Having grown up in India, she has always had a passion for women’s rights, and organically stepped into the birth world to help women have a voice and know their options in childbirth. Pictured: My goal with my photography is to capture the authentic connection and emotion between people. This beautiful family invited me to photograph their maternity and birth story sessions and, having

Issue 123

Midwifery Today Issue 123, Autumn 2017 Theme: Midwifery Education Are you considering becoming a midwife or already starting down that path? This issue of Midwifery Today will help you think more deeply about your educational path and options. You’ll find articles on various programs in the US and abroad from some well-known midwifery educators, such as Elizabeth Davis, Vicky Penwell and Deb Puterbaugh. You will also be able to read a great clinical article on first trimester bleeding from Judy Slome Cohain, one on placenta encapsulation by Valerie Coppenrath and a fantastic “Wisdom of the Midwives” column dealing with shoulder dystocia. Issue 123 also includes our first “Doula Corner,” which recognizes another important member of the birth team. Cover photo by Vanessa Mendez ( Vanessa has been married for five years and is a mother to two amazing children. She works as a mortgage loan officer by day and birth photographer whenever she gets the chance. Birth photography started as a passion while she worked toward doula certification. Vanessa found her creative eye while capturing amazing moments during labor, birth and postpartum. She serves San Antonio and surrounding areas and has traveled over two hours for births. Pictured: Sometimes Vanessa

Issue 122

Midwifery Today Issue 122, Summer 2017 Theme: Homebirth Homebirth is a topic that our readers can never get enough of, so we made it the theme of this issue. The offerings range from four unique birth stories, two articles that advise what to take to a homebirth, midwives’ thoughts on homebirth in the past and present, and a number of other articles dealing with related subjects, such as complications and prolonged second stage. Cover photo by Katie Mathis ( Katie spends her days living on call for her birth clients while living life to the fullest for her own family. She was first introduced to the birth world while exploring her own childbirth options. Katie is an award-winning photographer and doula who uses her passion and expertise to help families in and around the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Pictured: This duo was not intending to have a homebirth but when the brand new birth center was not ready for labor day the CNMs and CPMs teamed up and created a beautiful homebirth experience for the parents. The room was filled to the brim with oxytocin as Dad supported his wife through delivering their 9 lb 10 oz baby boy in the