Using Quinton Hypertonic for Postpartum Issues

First, I believe that a midwife who serves a pregnant woman needs to educate herself, to prevent any excessive bleeding. However, in my experience, many women called late in pregnancy and communication was not always good. Fortunately, I discovered Quinton Hypertonic through an amateur midwife from the UK, who had just settled in southern France to set up a clinic and asked me to be her elder midwife.
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About Author: Francoise Souverville

Francoise Souverville came to the US from France at the age of six. She was raised in the Washington, DC, area and was given every opportunity to live up to the North American dream her parents had. When she turned three, her mother's pregnancy with her brother sparked an incessant interest in childbearing and women's health. On her 18th birthday she left home, and ended up in Colorado two years later with an Ob/Gyn who trained her for three years to be a midwife. Francoise attended five years of schooling and has since been continuously educating herself. Her passion is waterbirths, which she has been assisting since 1972.

Françoise Souverville a quitté la France pour les États-Unis à l'âge de six ans. Elle a grandi dans le canton de Washington DC, baignée dans une éducation influencée par le rêve nord-américain qui habitait ses parents. À l'âge de trois ans, la grossesse de sa mère alors enceinte de son frère éveilla en elle un intérêt—qui depuis ne l'a jamais quitté—pour la maternité et la santé des femmes. L'année de ses dix-huit ans, elle quitte la maison et se retrouve deux ans plus tard au Colorado, aux côtés d'un obstétricien gynécologue qui la forme durant trois ans à devenir sage-femme. Françoise étudie cinq ans à l'université et ne cesse depuis d'apprendre par elle-même. Les naissances dans l'eau sont sa passion, qu'elle accompagne depuis 1972.

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