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Umbilical Cord Prolapse

Obstetrician/midwife Fernando Molino discusses the complication of cord prolapse, its different types, risk factors, and how to deal with it when it occurs.
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About Author: Fernando Molina

Fernando Molina is a family physician, male midwife and prenatal educator from Venezuela. He now lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he works as a Traditional Midwife with Eugene’s renowned midwife Anita Rojas, doing exclusively homebirths. He also teaches “Magical Beginnings,” a comprehensive prenatal course designed to embrace the soul, mind, and body for a happy pregnancy and birth, where mom, dad, and baby are the protagonists. This course is now updated and available online.

Fernando dedicates much time for research on the latest information in epigenetics, the microbiome, mother-baby-provider communication during pregnancy and birth, and the neural wiring of the limbic brain of baby in utero and its repercussions in the personality, health, and emotional intelligence of the human being.

Fernando also works as a Health Professional for Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness. He is a natural birth advocate who loves to teach at Midwifery Today Conferences and to work with other midwives and doulas.

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