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Birthdays, as all midwives know, are times of celebration. They give us cause to pause, to look backward and forward, taking stock, revisiting the past and dreaming of the future. They form a temporal point by which we can catalogue our lives and achievements or, sometimes, a reminder that we have not yet made time to do the things that really make our hearts soar.
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About Author: Sara Wickham

Sara Wickham, PhD, is a midwife, researcher, teacher and author who studied midwifery in the UK and practiced in home, birth centre and hospital settings in the UK and USA before extending her career into midwifery education, research and consultancy. Sara has also lived and worked in New Zealand and she travels extensively to speak about midwifery and birth-related issues. The author of more than 200 articles, eight books and several information booklets and leaflets for women, Sara is passionate about midwifery knowledge and enjoys engaging with all manner of ways of knowing, from statistics to intuition. She wrote her PhD thesis on midwives’ knowledge in relation to “post-term” pregnancy. Sara is currently based in Wiltshire, UK, where she has recently returned to freelance speaking, writing and consultancy work.

Sara’s books include:

Many of Sara’s articles—and her blog—can be found at www.sarawickham.com

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