Doulas, Creating Global Change

Doula Hardy Baker shares her philosophy that a doula-midwife team can “create the most powerfully supportive experience for the birthing woman.”
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About Author: Shea Hardy Baker

Shea Hardy Baker has been a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator since 2003. She co-founded and for 10 years was the executive director of Doulas Supporting Teens (DST), a nonprofit organization that offered pro bono doula services, childbirth education, parenting groups, and referral services in Lane County, Oregon. Shea developed a childbirth education curriculum specifically for pregnant teens and designed and implemented a successful doula mentorship and advanced doula training program within Doulas Supporting Teens. Shea is currently the conference coordinator and a contributing editor for Midwifery Today. Shea resides with her husband and son in Eugene, Oregon.

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