Midwifery Today Takes Covid-19 Seriously

What we are doing:

We are publishing our online magazine as planned. We usually post at least one article every week. Quarterly, we will put them all together, along with the usual columns and departments that we had in the print magazine, as well as a cover. You can also read Sister MorningStar’s words of inspiration each day on our website. These are available to everyone, not just members, and are very encouraging in these tough times.

We are working from our homes so we can stay healthy. We had closed the physical office in January 2020 but were meeting at each other’s houses and in restaurants until this crisis broke out. We will resume when it is safe, but be assured that we are still committed to providing essential information on birth.

We are postponing our conferences until it is safe to hold them. Our intention is to keep the same programs and venues, although the dates will change. Information about these programs is on our conference web page, so you can see what we have in store for you once this pandemic has abated.

You can still order products. This is a good time to further your education while staying at home and safe. We have hundreds of articles to read, in addition to books that can be simply downloaded.

Please stay safe and keep the faith as we ride out this difficult situation.

Toward Better Birth.

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