The Print Edition of Midwifery Today has been Discontinued

In a sign of the times, we are shifting to an electronic magazine

The Winter 2019 issue, #132, was the final print issue of Midwifery Today. We are making changes to our business model that will take advantage of the exciting world of technology. We will let go of many projects — at least in the ways we used to do them—in order to embrace the way the world works now. We will have an even more robust and extensive website with many more resources and facets to it. As part of these changes, we need to discontinue our cherished print magazine. It has become too expensive to proceed with, as has much of paper printing. As you are probably aware, many magazines have had to make this transition or quit altogether. We believe that the world of midwifery and birth still needs Midwifery Today, so we are making a transition to continue to serve you.

We plan to continue our “best in the world” Midwifery Today magazine, but in a different and electronic-based format. You will still be able to get a whole issue—and more. For those whose subscriptions are ending, we ask you to switch to an Online Membership on the Midwifery Today website. The Membership will give you access to hundreds of our clinical articles, each issue of Midwifery Today beginning with #125, audio classes from past conferences, and more. These will be available to you at all times because they will be on the web instead of getting lost in your house—as mine often do! We will be adding new features all the time.

If you have issues remaining on your print subscription, you should have received an email from us, explaining what you need to do. If you did not receive that e-mail, here are your options:

If you want a new Membership and already have an account on our website:

E-mail with your name and the e-mail address you used to register on our site and let us know you want to convert to a Membership. We will set one up for you.

If you want a new Membership and do NOT have an account on our website:

  1. Go here
  2. Choose the Register column on the right side and enter your e-mail address and a password. Click the “I am not a robot” box and solve the visual puzzle., then click “Register.”
  3. Once you have done this, e-mail with the e-mail address you used to sign up and let us know you want to convert to a Membership. We will set one up for you.

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Cheryl K. Smith, Managing Editor
Midwifery Today

Midwifery Today Magazine
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Midwifery Today is the perfect way to keep up with changes in the birth world, while maintaining a busy schedule. Take it with you to a birth or read it at home when you have some downtime. Midwives, doulas, and other birth practitioners share their experiences, tricks, and inspiring birth stories that will reinforce your dedication to birthing women. Mothers write about inspirational births and challenges they face. Learn about the latest scientific studies that support physiological birth, recently published books to help you and the women you serve, historical midwives, and birth practices from around the world. Be part of an international community of birth practitioners and women in their childbearing year!

Read Current Issue

This issue of Midwifery Today is filled with clinical articles, vital information, midwifery tricks of the trade, gorgeous birth photos, and delightful homebirth stories from around the world.

“Labor Complications” can occur at anytime, expected or not, and midwives need to be knowledgeable about and prepared for them. This issue offers a refresher for some of those complications—including umbilical cord prolapse and learning to handle the unexpected. In addition, it includes the usual birth stories and practical advice for midwives and doulas, along with birth practices, customs, and rituals in three other countries, and enjoyable writings by Sister MorningStar, Michel Odent, Jane Beal, the continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette, and much more!

Why should you subscribe to Midwifery Today?

Great Writers: You’ll be able to read material by some of the best birth writers in the world: passionate, informed women and men with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Writers include:

You’ll also discover new authors: midwives and doulas, mothers and grandmothers—people just like you. Our diversity of writers gives you a look at birth and midwifery from many viewpoints.

Vital Topics: You’ll get an in-depth look at an important topic in each quarterly issue, with several articles devoted to the issue theme. View upcoming editorial themes. Past themes have included:

In addition to the issue theme, we also have a section called “The Doula Corner,” and regular columns by Jan Tritten, Marion Toepke McLean, and Michel Odent. You’ll also be able to read other articles on a wide variety of relevant subjects. Past issues have included articles on:

Birth Wisdom and Inspiration: You’ll appreciate the quiet wisdom of Marion’s Message, a regular column written by nurse-midwife Marion Toepke McLean, who has extensive experience in home, hospital, and birth center births. You’ll discover ways to become a better birth practitioner with the short tips and tricks in Tricks of the Trade column. You’ll keep up-to-date on birth-related books and videos when you read Media Reviews. You’ll remember and rejoice in the wonder of the everyday miracle of birth when you see the beautiful photography and read the inspirational poetry. You’ll also find useful ads, which give you information about products and services of interest to midwives, aspiring midwives, doulas, and other birth professionals, as well as to new and expectant parents.

Born of the need for a unifying force in the midwifery movement, Midwifery Today magazine has been supporting, encouraging, and educating midwives and other birth practitioners since 1987. Midwifery Today, Inc., is committed to promoting safe, healthy, and happy outcomes for mothers and babies, and believes that the midwifery model of non-interventive, preventive care should be the standard of care throughout the world.

Thank You, Midwifery Today

I really enjoy Midwifery Today and read it as soon as it arrives. I work in a medically dominated hospital in England, so it is very refreshing to get an alternative view from a global perspective. Fortunately, the hospital where I work has a progressive head of midwifery who encourages midwives to work autonomously and practice in midwife care schemes. It is not always possible to give the care that women would ideally like when governed by procedures and protocols, but we are striving to meet the needs of the women in our care by being more flexible. Midwifery Today is an invaluable journal for all midwives and students to guide them in their practice.

—Miranda Hayer
Derby, England

I am a self-study student from Texas. I cannot express how Midwifery Today has made a difference in my education. As a student, I am on a limited budget, and have been unable to afford a subscription, so I borrow any and every MT I can get my hands on. This has become one of the single greatest resources for my educational process. I am so grateful to all of the midwives who have given their knowledge so that we can learn. I have truly learned more from my devouring MT than any text on the market. I just read the latest issue … and again you have done a brilliant job. Thank you so much.

—Dianne Bolton

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