Bekem Dibaba Degefa and Gebresilasea Gendisha

Bekem Dibaba Degefa has been an assistant lecturer at Mettu University in the Oromia region of southwestern Ethiopia. She is studying for a masters of science in clinical midwifery at Arba Minch University. Bekem has helped design a masters and PhD program in the relatively new midwifery department. She has also been working with NGOs such as Ipas and ICAP, which provide health care for women and girls in refugee camps.

In the future Bekem plans to work with other midwives internationally with the goal of improving midwifery knowledge and skills through training and sharing updated information online. Her languages include English, Amharic, and Afaan oromo.

Gebresilasea Gendisha currently teaches at Arbaminch University College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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