Midwifery Today Conference

Bad Wildbad, Germany, 17–21 October 2018

“Birthing in Love Changes the World”

Photo by Esther Edith—estheredith.com

Back by popular demand: Another Midwifery Today conference in the beautiful spa town of Bad Wildbad, Germany!

Jan Tritten

Please join:

For some fabulous classes such as:

  • Two days of Midwifery Skills
  • Rebozo Techniques and Practice
  • Sustainable Midwifery
  • Comfort Techniques for Midwives and Doulas
  • Hemorrhage
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Spinning Babies

Teachers, staff, and registrants all love to go to Bad Wildbad, Germany. It is a great venue—a small town tucked between mountains. There are fun things to do, such as take a tram to the top of the mountain or go for a nature walk among the trees. Then, if that isn’t enough, there is a huge slide to take you back down to the level where you started.

The spas are beautiful and inviting. We have a lovely time with all our midwife friends soaking in the many different pools and heating up in the saunas flavored with mint, lemon, and more.

This town truly rolls out the red carpet for the midwives and doulas, making us feel so welcome. The camaraderie we have in Germany is refreshing. You can come with your burdens and release them in the love and company of colleagues. We work hard to make this an excellent program so you will also learn, share, and receive new insights. Bad Wildbad rocks!