Strasburg, Pennsylvania Conference 2020

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that we are postponing the conference in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, which was scheduled for April 15–18, 2020. We are so sorry; we have never had to do this in our 28 years of putting on conferences.

We have been following the situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 and believe that it would be in the best interest of the hosts, the attendees, and our speakers to postpone the conference until the situation in the US is under control. We learned recently of cases in Pennsylvania.

We are exploring options for rescheduling the conference and will be in touch with you once that is determined. We understand the difficulty that this may present for those of you who were planning to attend.

Follow this link from Johns Hopkins University to stay informed about what is going on with the virus:

Midwifery Today Conference

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Dates TBA

“Sharing Midwifery Skills”

Midwifery Today Conference

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA • Dates TBA

“Sharing Midwifery Skills”

Esther Edith—

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Welcome to our conference in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. We have created a really unique program for you, which includes many clinical subjects as well as leading edge information you won’t want to miss. Some of our exciting new classes are How to Recover from a Shocking Hemorrhage, Tongue Ties, Racism and Its Effect on Birth and Midwifery, and Amish and Mennonite practices. We also have a great line-up of speakers for you and have made sure to incorporate time for networking and getting to know each other. If you want to be inspired, loved, and recharged, don’t miss this special event! You are sure to leave with new friends from among other registrants and speakers.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts.

Join us and our great speakers:


  • Racism and Its Effect on Birth and Midwifery
  • Expanding Your Birth “Toolbox”
  • Amish and Mennonite Practices
  • Optimal Pelvic Positioning: Working with Gravity
  • VBAC Skills for the Midwife and Doula
  • Massage to Restart Labor
  • Diastasis Recti: A Medical Problem during and after Pregnancy


Hemorrhage, Shoulder Dystocia, Malpresentations, Breech and many other clinical subjects.

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New Babi Clinic
931 North Old Road
Strasburg, PA 17579

Our conference will be held at New Babi Clinic, a lovely venue in the heart of Amish and Mennonite country. The clinic has a big, open barn that has been converted into a nice space for the event. We will use this for our general sessions. Smaller rooms are located in the clinic, which is a converted, vintage house. Other breakouts may be in another home on the property, also a vintage house. There is ample parking, at no charge. An authentic Amish meal package will be offered for lunch and dinner at a reasonable price and cooked, with love, by an enthusiastic Amish woman.

Places to Stay:

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