Midwifery Today Conference

Oaxaca, Mexico • September 24–28, 2003

“Honoring Traditional Midwifery”


[Photo by Jan Tritten]

Theatre: Berta reviving the mothers

[Photo by Jan Tritten]

Traditional midwives from Oaxaca with Swiss midwife

[Photo by Jan Tritten]

Doña Hermila, Marina Alzugaray, Cipactli and her baby

In the plaza in Oaxaca
[Photo by Joni Nichols]Learning from Guatamalean midwives
[Photo by Joni Nichols]International “connection”
[Photo by Joni Nichols]

First glimpse/last glimpse of Oaxaca

Doña Hermila Gonzalez in her herb room

[Photo by Jessica Ranek]

Marina Alzugaray and Yeshi Sherover Neumann

[Photo by Jessica Ranek]

Doña Irene

[Photo by Joni Nichols]

Preparation of the opening ceremony by Oaxacan midwives

Conference attendees from Guatemala

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