Midwifery Today Conference

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • April 6–10, 2016

“Honoring Our Past, Embracing Our Future”

Archived Program of Conference


Elaine Stillerman teaching pregnancy massage


Praise for the Harrisburg 2016 conference:

  • Keep up the great work. I’d love more birth keepers to experience what I have experienced! Though I truly enjoyed the intimacy of a “smaller” group, the energy and solidarity is something I’d like more people to experience! So, spreading the word.
  • I want to congratulate you all for facilitating and co-creating such a soulfully enriching, healing, inspiring experience. I felt so open to receiving everyone’s ideas, insight, wisdom and love, knowledge and more. The elder/grandmother/father midwives were/are so generous in sharing with us their experiences in an open way. You all really came together in an awe inspiring way. I deeply appreciate how approachable, loving human you all were/are. After being on the midwifery path for six years or so … this is the first time, aside from very intimate circles, I have experienced the love, care, compassion and vision I’ve always thought midwifery encompassed. Thank you! for providing opportunities for expansion, growth, love, global and individual healing, community, wisdom keeping and more … you are loved and appreciated.
  • I enjoyed all of Sister Morningstar’s classes. They are filled with such serenity, power, peace, love, wisdom, knowing. Learning more about “the Way” she has created to be [with motherbaby] and in community resonates deeply with me. I thoroughly enjoyed Fernando’s classes. They also resonate deeply with me as I am moved and inspired by the unseen, the metaphysical, the sacred. And the manner in which he speaks of these things speaks deeply to my soul and inspires me! Infinite Possibilities.
  • Thank you so much for your amazing work. I had a wonderful time, felt very welcomed, and came out with a greater understanding of how midwifery can empower women.
  • I was happy to see Barbara Harper! Carol Gautschi! Maria Milton! So many midwives of different types in one place.


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