Belgium Conference 2019

Midwifery Today Conference Blankenberge, Belgium • 30 October – 3 November 2019 “Creating a Better Future for Birth” Vanessa Mendez— Please join us in Blankenberge, Belgium, for a really exciting and insightful conference. We have scheduled 15 excellent speakers from a variety of different countries. One exciting thing about our international conferences is diversity. Many people, from different parts of the world, are expected to attend. At the last conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany, 41 different countries were represented—including India and China. These conferences have become places where we can work on “Creating a Better Future for Birth”—the theme of our conference in Belgium. This is what we hope to do with the input and insights of our speakers and registrants. Besides the rich palette of classes we have lined up for you, there is the added advantage of spending our time together in one place for the duration of the conference. Because we take our meals together, we have a lot of time built in for networking and making new friends. The venue offers fantastic meals, making it an even more enjoyable time! Blankenberge is on the coast of Belgium and is where we held our 2013 conference. We

Eugene Conference 2019

Midwifery Today Conference Eugene, Oregon • March 31 – April 3, 2019 “Reclaiming the Joy of Midwifery and Birth” Monet Moutrie— We have a rich program planned for you. While our goal is to learn about important and serious subjects, joy and fun are also part of our conference plan! We want to care for and nurture you, whether you are new to the world of birth or are a seasoned practitioner. Our hope is that you receive insight, inspiration, and increased intuition. We will do our best to help you have a lovely experience. Our speakers, as always, are excellent. They deeply care for you and will help you be the best birth practitioner you can be. They are very approachable and will be glad to answer your questions, give guidance, or brainstorm ideas with you. Networking among teachers and participants is an essential part of our conference experience. We believe that this conference will be an intimate and excellent experience for you. One great thing about this event is the location of the venue and the venue itself. The conference will be held in the Whiteaker District of Eugene, affectionately called “The Whit.” It is a “happening” little neighborhood

Germany Conference 2018

Midwifery Today Conference Bad Wildbad, Germany, 17–21 October 2018 “Birthing in Love Changes the World” Esther Edith— ProgramFacebook Group Back by popular demand: Another Midwifery Today conference in the beautiful spa town of Bad Wildbad, Germany! Teachers, staff, and registrants all love to go to Bad Wildbad, Germany. It is a great venue—a small town tucked between mountains. There are fun things to do, such as take a tram to the top of the mountain or go for a nature walk among the trees. Then, if that isn’t enough, there is a huge slide to take you back down to the level where you started. The spas are beautiful and inviting. We have a lovely time with all our midwife friends soaking in the many different pools and heating up in the saunas flavored with mint, lemon, and more. This town truly rolls out the red carpet for the midwives and doulas, making us feel so welcome. The camaraderie we have in Germany is refreshing. You can come with your burdens and release them in the love and company of colleagues. We work hard to make this an excellent program so you will also learn, share, and receive new insights.

New Jersey Conference 2018

Midwifery Today Conference Mount Laurel, New Jersey • April 18–22, 2018 “Love Is the Essence of Midwifery” Monet Moutrie— Walk-in RegistrationProgramFacebook Group We would love for you to attend our conference in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. It will be a wonderful conference! We have some excellent classes and teachers bringing you many options. Many new speakers join us and many of your favorites are with us, as well. Our goal is, as always, to bring you knowledge, insight, and inspiration to help you be the best practitioner possible. We are part of the most beautiful calling being with motherbaby at this key time in both of their lives. What an honor. And what an honor it is to be with you for these days to share, learn, laugh, cry, and love. We believe our theme “Love Is the Essence of Midwifery” is an important topic to explore. This calling takes all the love we have to give and then a bit more. We hope this conference will lift your spirit and give you the inspiration to go back out and help the mothers and babies you are called to serve. I also hope to see you enjoying the fantastic waterpark.

Finland Conference 2017

Midwifery Today Conference Helsinki, Finland • 4–8 October 2017 “Trust, Intimacy and Love—The Chemistry of Connection” Photo by Lynsey Stone— Preregistration for this conference is closed, however walk-ins are welcome. For easy registration, fill out this form, print it out and bring the form, proof of full-time student status if applicable, and your payment to the registration desk at the conference. Please join us for our international conference in Helsinki, Finland, on a gorgeous UNESCO site which is on the Sea Fortress Island called Suomenlinna. It is a short 15-minute ferry ride from Helsinki. It has about 800 permanent residents—not including us for our five days there! There are several restaurants on the island as well as a grocery store and many other amenities. Our theme, “Trust Intimacy and Love—The Chemistry of Connection,” is such an important one. We have a great group of speakers who will present and interact with you on some of the most important issues in Midwifery and Birth. —Jan Tritten Learn from These Inspiring Speakers Please click linked names to view speaker biographies. Elizabeth Davis Mirjam de Keijzer Cornelia Enning Tine Greve Gail Hart Johanna Honkanen Sally Kelly Kerstin Uvnas Moberg Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos Jan Tritten

Eugene Conference 2017

Midwifery Today Conference Eugene/Springfield, Oregon • April 5–9, 2017 “The Heart and Science of Birth” Archived Conference Program (PDF) Welcome to Eugene! [Letter in event program to participants] We are so thrilled to welcome you to our conference. We will spend the next five days learning, sharing, networking and loving each other! Our teachers and the Midwifery Today staff are here to help you have the best experience possible. Do not hesitate to ask if you need something. We want you to go home filled with knowledge and the power and strength to do your calling. Together we will explore both the heart and the science of midwifery because surely birth practice takes both. You are sure to leave with new friends from among other registrants and speakers, as well. If you see or feel something that is especially touching to you, tweet it or note it on Facebook or Instagram so your colleagues can get a taste of the conference. We have a rich assortment of speakers—19 of them—and well over 55 classes for you to choose from, as well as a lunch together on Friday. Jenaguru Full Moon Marimba will entertain you on Saturday night and you can

Strasbourg, France, 2016

Midwifery Today Conference Strasbourg, France • 19–24 October 2016 “Birth Is a Human Rights Issue” Marketing Flyer (English) (opens a PDF) Event Program (English) (opens a PDF) Contenu Des Sessions (en français) (opens a PDF) Imprimable Combinaison (en français) (opens a PDF) Conference Overview From Midwifery Today E-News editorial by Jan Tritten The recent Midwifery Today conference in France turned out to be an amazing event. The Human Rights in Childbirth event at the beginning of the conference set the tone well and provided opportunities for some lively discussions. The beautiful city of Strasbourg enhanced our time there, and the Midwifery Today teachers were amazing in their presentations. Be sure to visit our online store; many of the classes from this conference are available on USB drives for purchase. Photos

Troutdale, Oregon Retreat 2016

Midwifery Today Conference McMenamins Edgefield • Troutdale, Oregon February 29, 2016 “Midwifery Today Mini-Conference/Retreat” Leap into spring with the Midwifery Today Mini-Conference Retreat on Leap Day at McMenamins Edgefield, an amazing historic retreat center outside of Portland, Oregon. All birth practitioners are invited to come renew, retreat and rejuvenate and eat together with your peers for an amazing time where you can also garner CEUs. Rediscover your joy in midwifery. Everyone is welcome! Spending a night or two is the best option; you can hang out with all of the teachers as we get ready for this amazing event and do our Tricks of the Trade* in the gorgeous soaking pools at McMenamins (weather permitting, of course—it is Oregon!). See below for information on this marvelous venue. The Venue: Be sure to check out the McMenamins website for location information! It is difficult to describe in a few words here. Jan remarks, “The walls of this amazing place are a veritable art gallery with paintings from their past as a real poorhouse. Remember when your mom talked about going to the poorhouse? Mine did, and I didn’t know they were real!” Plan to soak in the fantastic hot pools. Bring

Harrisburg 2016

Midwifery Today Conference Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • April 6–10, 2016 “Honoring Our Past, Embracing Our Future” Archived Program of Conference Photos Testimonials Praise for the Harrisburg 2016 conference: Keep up the great work. I’d love more birth keepers to experience what I have experienced! Though I truly enjoyed the intimacy of a “smaller” group, the energy and solidarity is something I’d like more people to experience! So, spreading the word. I want to congratulate you all for facilitating and co-creating such a soulfully enriching, healing, inspiring experience. I felt so open to receiving everyone’s ideas, insight, wisdom and love, knowledge and more. The elder/grandmother/father midwives were/are so generous in sharing with us their experiences in an open way. You all really came together in an awe inspiring way. I deeply appreciate how approachable, loving human you all were/are. After being on the midwifery path for six years or so … this is the first time, aside from very intimate circles, I have experienced the love, care, compassion and vision I’ve always thought midwifery encompassed. Thank you! for providing opportunities for expansion, growth, love, global and individual healing, community, wisdom keeping and more … you are loved and appreciated. I enjoyed all