Las pelvis que conocí y amé

¿Que pasaría si no hubiera pelvis? ¿Y que tal si la pelvis tuviera tan poco que ver con como nace un niño como el tamaño de la nariz de la madre? Después de más de 20 años atendiendo partos estas son las conclusiones a las que he llegado. Read More

Seven Tips for Creating a Calm, Joyous Homebirth

As more women turn to homebirth they need to know what to ask potential providers before becoming a client. The tips from midwifery activist Gloria Lemay can be used by midwives to compare to their practices, and by pregnant moms to guide their choice in or assess the care provided by a midwife. Read More

Suspect Diagnoses Come with Biophysical Profiling

Many North American women are being told at the very end of their pregnancies to go to an ultrasound clinic and have a biophysical profile done. They will probably not be told that there is no scientific basis for having faith in the test results… Read More

Midwife’s Guide to an Intact Perineum

An intact perineum is the goal of every birthing woman. We love to have whole, healthy female genitalia. Many people consider the health of the vagina/perineum to be a matter of chance, luck or being at the mercy of the circumstances of the forces that prevail at the time of the birth. Read More

La poussée pour les mères primipares

Article in French. L’expulsion d’un premier bebe du corps d’une femme est un moment critique ou plusieurs torts et contretemps peuvent survenir. Read More

El Pujo en las Primerizas

La expulsión del primer bebé de la mujer es un espacio en tiempo pora que ocurran muchas travesuras y averías. Es además un espacio en tiempo cuando su futuro obstetrico frecuentemente es decido, y dónde ella puede ser bien atendida por una partera paciente y descansada. Read More

Pelvises I Have Known and Loved

What if there were no pelvis? What if it were as insignificant to how a child is born as how big the nose is on the mother’s face? After twenty years of watching birth, this is what I have come to. Read More