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Collaboration Is Key by Aubre Tompkins
Coming to Twins by Cynthia Caillagh
Complications of Childbirth by Marion Toepke McLean
Concepts of Prenatal Care by Marlene Waechter
Connection and Empathy by Antonella Sansone
Considerations for a Prenatal Detection Tool for Vulnerable Pregnant Women by Valérie Vanceulebroeck, Britt Dehertogh, Inge Meyvis, Miek Brouns and Saskia Van Besauw
Cord Burning by Kelly Dunn
Core Midwifery Skills by Jan Tritten
Country Contacts – Issue 132 by Anna Ishaku, Zhang Hongyu and Lieve Huybrechts
Creativity and Birth by Kathleen Furin
Crossing Borders with Andrea by Sister MorningStar
Cuban Maternity Homes by Heather Renz
Culture within Culture by Sister MorningStar
Cytotec and the FDA by Ina May Gaskin
Dancing Stories by Robin Gray-Reed
Daughter of a Midwife by Treska Lydia Stein
Daughters of Time by Barbara Katz Rothman
Dear Rose by Gloria Lemay
Deceleration Phase by Tiffany Lundeen
Déclaration d’Aix-la-Chapelle by Editorial
Denise’s Birth by Kelly Dunn
Desproporción Cefalo-pélvica verdadera by Jill Cohen
Do We Need Midwives? by Michel Odent
Does It Matter How We Were Born? by Marion Toepke McLean
Doulas and Midwives: Transforming the Landscape, Together by Courtney L. Everson and Melissa Cheyney
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