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Birthing in South Africa by Linda B. Jenkins
Birthing to Redeem by Spring Aarons
Birthing with Reverence by Caroline Wise
Birthpedia by Justine Tullier
Blogging to Boost Your Birthing Business by Sheri Menelli and Anne McManus
Blood: A Private Issue? by Michele Klein
Born in Borneo by Linda B. Jenkins
Born in Poland by Monika Rosicka
Bosom Buddies by Marlene Waechter
Breaking the Silence by Joanna Wilder
Breastfeeding Nemesis by Suzanne Colson
Brewer Babies by Marlene Waechter
Brona by Darjee Sahala
Bruno’s Birth Story by Ada da Silva
Build Bridges, Not Walls by Alicia Huntley
Building My Nest by Linda Louise Henry
Building Sacred Traditions in Birth by Whapio Diane Bartlett
Bullying by Marinah Valenzuela Farrell
Business and Midwifery by Jan Tritten
C-section Scar Massage by Elaine Stillerman
Call the Midwife by Jan Tritten
Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb by Sister MorningStar
Cancer of the Cervix and the Midwife by Marion Toepke McLean
Cesarean Inter-Section by Terah R. Lara
Cesáreas en México by Marian Tudela
Cherished Global Epicenter of Calm, Capable, and Soul-steady by Sister MorningStar
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