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Babies Put Their Foot Down by Marlene Waechter
Baby’s Choice by Jan Tritten
Back Labor by Elaine Stillerman
Becoming by Kristin Keith
Becoming Tradition by Nechama Wildanah
Being Midwife by Harriette Hartigan
Beloved and Cherished Sisterhood of My Belonging by Sister MorningStar
Berta Juárez Fuentes by Sarah Proechel
Birth and Freedom by Terri LaPoint
Birth and the Fetus Ejection Reflex by Marion Toepke McLean
Birth and the Human Future by Marion Toepke McLean
Birth As A Shape-Shifter by Melissa-Marie Marks
Birth as Healing by Joanna Wilder
Birth at Sea by Holly Knight
Birth Change by Jan Tritten
Birth Choices in Venezuela by Fernando Molina
Birth Communities by Jan Tritten
Birth Healing by Rosetta Thuresson
Birth in 2050 by Jan Tritten
Birth Is Not Dead Here by Sadie Sigford
Birth Odyssey by Jan Tritten
Birth of a Midwife by Amanda Moore
Birth of Hope by Jennifer Williams
Birth Plan by Janine DeBaise
Birth Stories from a Mountain Midwife by Candace Whitridge Palmo
Birth Stories: The Instinct of Birth by Candace Whitridge Palmo
Birth Surprise in Jerusalem by Chaya Raizel Breger
Birth the Filipino Way by Denie Heppner
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