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Midwifery Today Issue Number 68 (Winter 2003) Instinctive Birth
Breastfeeding, Back Issues
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Theme: Instinctive Birth

Articles include:
  *A Vision of Birth - Sarah J. Buckley
  *Being a Midwife - Gloria Lemay
  *Preparing the Nest - Michel Odent
  *Instinctive Birth: Finding the Pulse - Jeannine Parvati Baker
  *The Art of Leaving Alone - Jenny Hall
  *Listening to Eve - Linda McHale
  *Birth as Sheer Pleasure - Ingrid Bauer
  *Voices of Distress: Women speak about cesarean sections: compilation of women's responses from ICAN e-mail list question: What's so bad about cesarean sections?
  *The Ties That Bind: How Belief Creates Birth Realities by Kim Wildner
  *Midwifery Etiquette by Cynthia Jaffe Breastfeeding During Pregnancy- Hilary Dervin
  *Transports: Making a Seamless Transition - Barbara E. Herrera
  *Effective Alternative Treatments for Breech Presentation - Julie Brill
  *To Progress or not to Progress - Renata Hillman
  *The Day Dorian was Born- Laura Stalker
  *Salt of the Earth- Peggy Sawyer's article about homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum
  *Hungarian Women Unveil an Ironic Curtain - Betty-Anne Daviss The author travels to Budapest to meet with Hungarian doulas and midwives striving for birth change in their country
  *Instinctual Breech Birth - Sandra Morningstar. This article is featured in English and Spanish to help readers with learning Spanish.

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