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Emilio Santos Leal and Eva Darias Esteban

Emilio Santos LealEmilio Santos Leal is a gynecologist who has dedicated his life to change birth in Spain. He was formerly a physicist and a psychiatrist. As he started the training as a gynecologist, he used to accompany home births, at the beginning in the hand of his mentor, the experienced midwife Consuelo Ruiz. Nowadays he works in a hospital in Madrid with the aim to give women the possibility of having healthy births full of power, and with the motivation to start a unit for waterbirth in the close future.

Emilio Santos Leal's goal for international midwifery is organizing events in Spain with the aim to inform women and professionals about the best available ways to have birth. Emilio is a member of Asociación Nacer en Casa, an association of professionals who provide attendance to women in homebirth, waterbirth, and birth centers, as well as childbirth preparation. You may read his full biography here: