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Rudite Bruvere

Rudite Bruvere started the first independent midwifery practice in Latvia, offering pregnancy care and breastfeeding support, as well as attending homebirths. Since 2000, she has been on the board of the Association of Midwives of Latvia, working on the politics of and for the profession. In 2003 she founded The Family Cradle, a non-profit organization that will include a maternity center, midwifery training and a shelter house for neglected pregnant women.

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  •—a Family Health and Homebirth midwives center, in the heart of Riga; (also in English)—pregnancy care, homebirth support, educational activities, support groups, pediatricians and gynecologists services
  •—the Latvian Doula association—a lot of good information about gentle birth, breastfeeding support, postpartum topics
  •—the official Latvian midwives association’s website


  •—breastfeeding support website, mostly offered by Russian speaking gentle birth enthusiasts
  •—healthy thinking, multifold information website for parents
  •—healthy and natural thinking, parents’ magazine website
  •—get to know your reproductive health and how to plan pregnancies naturally
  •—information and support for depressive mothers during pregnancy and after birth