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Elham Shirvani is an Iranian midwife who entered to the world of midwifery around 1988. A direct entry midwife with a B.S. in midwifey from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, she has worked in hospitals and clinics and now has a private office in Tehran in which she gives prenatal care services.

First Waterbirth Center in Iran [April 2007]

The first waterbirth center in Iran has opened. This center is located in a hospital named “Khatamolanbiya” in Gonbad city, which is one of the big cities in Golestan province in north east of Iran. Deliveries are done by an obstetrician who was trained in Germany and has worked on waterbirth in German hospitals. The women who choose waterbirth pay no money for it: it is completely free. These mothers all have been satisfied because they experienced less pain, more comfort and less medical intervention.

Elham Shirvani