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[photo by Jennifer Rosenberg]

“Kangaroo Care” with sling

From pre-conception to the first birthday, we want to help parents and parents-to-be learn how to have a healthy, happy baby and mother! Having a Baby Today Associate Editor Jill Cohen shares one of her birth experiences with us:

“Having recently given birth, I am awash with love and devotion to my newborn. Arlo was born May 7, 2002, after many bubbles had been burst regarding normal and natural birth. Even though we transported from home to hospital and I used pitocin, which was incredibly painful, I was still able to enjoy the moment of birth when I reached out to receive my son. It was a great moment. Of course, the problems did not end there….”

READ FULL ARTICLE : “A Perfect Birth” by Jill Cohen]

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  • Homebirth—Research has consistently found homebirth to be every bit as safe as, and in some cases safer than, hospital birth.
  • Waterbirth—Learn about this gentle form of birth.
  • Nutrition in the Childbearing Year—Good nutrition is the best way to prevent complications.
  • Breastfeeding—Articles, reviews and resources in Midwifery Today Issue 101
  • Mothers—Read “Pushing for First-Time Moms” by Gloria Lemay.
  • Fathers—Fathers at birth, fathers’ memories, artwork, and more.
  • Drugs in Labor—Learn about the dangers of drugs and other interventions during labor.
  • Loss/Stillbirth—Despite the conscious efforts of parents and care providers, some healthy pregnancies don’t turn out the way we expect they will.

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