January 30, 2008
Volume 10, Issue 3
Midwifery Today E-News
“Birth Stories”
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In This Week’s Issue:

Quote of the Week

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."

Robert McAfee Brown

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The Art of Midwifery

I write birth stories for my clients…. Mothers who had surgery and difficult births seem to appreciate the story the most…. I include how I met the family, why they wanted a doula, when they called me to tell me motherbaby was in labor, what time I left the house, what the weather was like—the sky, the moon—and what music I was playing on the way over to their house or the hospital. I include the mother's first words when she saw her baby and the father's first words when he greeted his child.

Anonymous Doula
Excerpted from Tricks of the Trade, Midwifery Today, Issue 75
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— love, Jan

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Research to Remember

Children's intellectual development is influenced by both inherited genes and environmental experiences, one of which is breastfeeding. Children who are breastfed attain higher IQ scores than children who are not fed breast milk. According to a recent study, the association between breastfeeding and IQ is moderated by a genetic variant in FADS2, a gene involved in the genetic control of fatty acid pathways. This finding shows that, in some babies, nature and nurture working together show the best result.

PNAS, published online http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/full/104/47/18860, 5 Nov 2007

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Positive Birth Stories

For hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, women have listened with rapt attention to other women telling the story of birth: what it feels like, how it progresses and what can happen.

In that regard, nothing has changed. Pregnant women still yearn to hear the truth about the transformation of their bodies and the mystical event that is birth. In fact, they are as curious as ever! But what used to be an intimate conversation between a women and her doctor or midwife, or a woman and her female family members, has become a much larger, more scrambled conversation.

Anxious women now turn to any of a dozen television programs on birth to try to understand what lies ahead. They browse through YouTube and the Internet for video clips of birth. They scan countless online articles, magazines and books, sifting through hundreds of perspectives on birth—and along the way they encounter any number of horror stories. All of these sources contribute to the mindset that a woman takes into labor and birth, and each one has some effect on her birth experience.

This situation presents an intricate puzzle for the modern-day midwife. By the time a client comes to you, she brings with her a huge tangle of beliefs, fears, expectations and rumors. With so many of women reeling with fear and misinformation, how do you begin to unravel this tangled web of influence?

Give these women what they're so desperately looking for: true stories of birth! Positive, inspiring stories; tales of strength and support; details about the challenges and the magic. Not only will you feed their deepest cravings, you'll be building your business along the way.

Sheri Menelli
Excerpted from "Positive Birth Stories," Midwifery Today, Issue 84
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Question of the Week

Q: What is your experience with tearing during homebirths when the woman has had a prior episiotomy? Do you handle primips differently than women who had a prior episiotomy or tore, or who had a prior birth or births with an intact perineum?

— Anonymous

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Question of the Week Responses

Q: At 28 weeks of pregnancy I was told that I had too much amniotic fluid, the placenta was not sending enough blood to the baby and she was not moving enough or growing. She was delivered that same day by cesarean and has Trisomy 21. Could anything have been done to keep her in there longer?

— Anonymous

A: It sounds as though there was other stuff going on here besides the genetic disorder. Nothing could have been done with the chromosome disorder Trisomy 21, or Down Syndrome, as it occurs during meosis.

Besides the awareness that maternal age is related to the increased risk, smoking and use of birth control pills during this early stage of cell development have shown a possible linkage. If gestation had been allowed to continue longer, the baby would have been at even greater risk for problems or even death.

— Jane Bentley-Konkel

Q: Some women experience technological birth as rape. Have you encountered this in your practice and what do you do to prevent it or deal with it when it comes up?

— Anonymous

A: In response to the ongoing issue of c-cection as it relates to rape, I believe that the problem is not the surgical procedure, but instead the culture of both obstetrics in particular, and society in general lacking appreciation for personal responsibility. A woman can (theoretically) have a good relationship with a good obstetrician and their communication throughout her prenatal care can be honest and upfront and not take that horrendous path of 38 weeks of great support followed by two weeks of pulling the rug out from under the woman when the obstetrician turns into a totally different person. If the communication is there and the woman is listened to and gives true informed consent throughout the pregnancy and labor, then if a c-section happens the woman should theoretically be fine because she was part of the process. It wasn't forced upon her, instead the facts were given to her and she made a choice for herself and her baby.

Wait a minute. I guess I'm actually describing the relationship that women generally have with a midwife. When my husband and I had our first child with a family practice doctor, we were very upfront about everything. I had a great hospital birth (as hospital births go); but I realized during the process the insidious ways that medical doctors of all kinds have of undermining our intelligence and freedom of choice. When we chose to switch to a midwife for our second and third children's homebirths I discovered not only true care, but an honest level of respect from my midwives. I always felt that they were simply there to guide what I wanted and what my body already knew how to do. This is such a life-altering difference in care, why is it so hard to get this information into the minds of mainstream American womanhood? I knew with my midwives that if I ended up transporting and having a c-section that everything would be fine, necessary and I would be part of making the choice. This is, to me, why homebirth is such an essential component of bringing a child into the world; as any sports fan knows, there's nothing like having home court advantage.

When you enter a hospital, you are immediately on their turf and have to play by their rules. How many women are going to have the guts to sign themselves out AMA (against medical advice)? Since concluding my childbearing and breastfeeding time of life (basically eight non-stop years), I have engaged in what can only be called a "relationship" with my plastic surgeon whom I adore. After I lost a great deal of weight, he guided me through multiple procedures to give me the body I have always longed for. I only mention this because I have now seen a different side of the medical world. This side is consumer-driven (no insurance/strictly cosmetic = great customer service OR a surgeon out of business). I have been an active part of each surgery plan, communicating with my anesthesiologist, dealing with post-op issues, etc. I have never felt like I was a drone following his lead. If I had met a surgeon who made me feel that way I would have taken my business elsewhere. When it comes to medical care of any type, let us all agree that we must be our own best advocate; don't hand over your life and your mind at the same time. Be an active and assertive part of your care. Your life just might depend on it.

— Samantha Ste.Claire
Ormond Beach, Florida

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Think about It

Author Sean Taylor refused to accept his half of 32,500 pound prize money after winning the 2007 Nestle Children's Book Prize. Taylor's picture book, When a Monster Is Born, illustrated by Nick Sharratt, took the Gold Award in the under-fives category. Taylor cited "questions surrounding Nestle's marketing of breast-milk substitutes" in his refusal to accept the money. He said: "When a Monster is Born is a book that has something to do with choices. Some of these choices seem to be life-giving and some of them seem to take life away. I hope that I have made a life-giving choice. I have decided to refuse this check and ask that it goes back where it came from."

www.thebookseller.com/news/49893-author-refuses-nestl-prize-cheque.html, 14 Dec 2007

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Re: E-News Issue 10:2, Prenatal Testing

I am a CNM who works in a community clinic for underserved families. My births are in a hospital. I have women who are immigrants from many different countries, women who are poor, uninsured, and many who are illegal. We have interpreters for many different languages.

Concerning antenatal testing; every woman who comes in for prenatal care, if she is in the time frame, is given the risks/benefits of quad screen, perinatology visit, and amniocentesis. They are informed that the test is a screening test, not a diagnostic test, that it has a fairly high false positive rate, what will happen at the perinatologist if the test is positive, that amnio has a 1:300 risk of miscarriage, infection, etc. I tell them that I have absolutely no opinion about if they should do it. The only advice I give them is to think about what they will do with the information they get.

Most of the women that I care for decline the test.

Vicki Ziemer, CNM

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