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jellybeanssmall (4K)Check out our Online Holiday Coupon Page to find out! Our offers change on a regular basis so check back often to discover how you can save! Learn More

The Strasbourg, France, Conference Is Happening Now!

Conference 2016.10.19 NEW!

There’s still time to attend, though only walk-in registrations will be accepted at this time. Come learn from Michel Odent, Gail Tully, Cornelia Enning and others about such topics as the microbiome, asynclitism and motherbaby-led childbirth. Part of our conference in Strasbourg, France, 19–24 October. Learn more

Join us in Eugene, Oregon next April!

Conference 2016.10.4

You will learn from teachers such as Elizabeth Davis, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Anne Frye and Carol Gautschi. Planned classes include Using Rebozo in Prenatal Care, Shoulder Dystocia and Healing Trauma through Physiological Birth. Plan now to attend! Part of our conference in Eugene, Oregon. Learn More

Birth Is a Human Rights Issue

Article 2016.10.19 NEW!

cbabreas (3K)It is important to realize that the health of the mother and baby are deeply dependent on what happens in pregnancy, birth and in the hours and months after birth. These are life-altering days often referred to as the childbearing year. [Photo by Caroline E. Brown] Read More

Changing the Language of Childbirth

Article 2016.8.9

The words we use express our subconscious beliefs. We can perpetuate society’s paradigms by using its language, or we can choose our words to create the change we want to see. Read More

Hands On, Hands Off: Midwifing the Inner Life of Women

Article 2016.7.27

Read this excerpt of an article by Sister MorningStar from the current issue of Midwifery Today now online: “‘Do you have any other questions or comments?’ I asked. Silje floated in her boat on the southern shore of Norway, and I paused in admiration from my cozy rural library in Missouri. I was a Skype midwife to this gorgeous woman with her rosy cheeks and new mother enthusiasm. Silje easily moved in and out of yoga poses while showing me her growing baby. Her Cocker Spaniel companion nestled in to watch us.” Read More

Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Section

Article 2016.7.21

Read this article excerpt from the current issue of Midwifery Today now online: “Not long ago, when a woman conceived and had a healthy pregnancy, she took it for granted that she would give birth naturally, the way nature intended. However, we have come to such a tipping point now that when women give birth naturally at our birth center, relatives and friends are surprised that she had a normal delivery.” Read More

Core Midwifery Skills

Article 2016.7.9

Excerpt: Where do we learn the most about birth? I think we learn most from the mothers and babies on their journey. Can we separate core midwifery skills from the face-to-face meeting of the mothers and getting to know them and walking on their journey with them? Our core midwifery skills must attach directly to the kind of prenatal care we provide, our attention at births and our encouragement and care postpartum. There is no substitute for experience. Read More

Do you work with laboring women?

Featured Product 2015.10.19

Then you need the sixth edition of Anne Frye’s Healing Passage, A Midwife’s Guide to the Care and Repair of the Tissues Involved in Birth. Even if you have an earlier version, you’ll want this one, which is more than twice as long as the fifth and packed with vital information about the art and science of perineal care and repair. The anatomy section has been completely overhauled, the suturing lessons have been expanded and the information about tear repair has been updated. You’ll also find a completely new pelvic floor model with pattern and instructions in the appendices. View Product

EmerGently Brochure Available—Birth Is Normal!

News 2016.5.30

This pamphlet was designed by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide. Simple graphics depict the most essential guidelines for a normal, healthy birth. Communicating directly without even the need for language, it is designed to assist safe birth in the deepest reaches of the planet. Available as a free download or durable glossy brochures to put in clinics, shelters, fire and police stations, libraries, schools and hospitals.

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2016.10.16 NEW!

For c-section scar tissue, apply comfrey salve directly to the incision site. Comfrey, long known in indigenous cultures as 'bone knit,' rapidly heals tissue on a cellular level. With calendula, lavender, and echinacea added, it will reduce scar tissue and heal the site quickly.

— Kelli J., E-News 2:16

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2016.10.16 NEW!

Leaders have a passion and they have a picture or vision at some distance from the current reality. They use their passion to move them toward that vision, whether it's something for their company, for themselves or for their cause.

— Sandy Linver in An Impulse to Soar: Quotations by Women on Leadership, compiled by Rosalie Maggio, Midwifery Today Issue 71