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Midwifery Today has had international aspirations to improve the world of birth since her beginning 30 years ago. You can help by donating to our cause—and get a present from us! You can be part of this amazing world of helping motherbaby get the best start possible. Help us keep helping the whole world to know about optimal birth. Go to Generosity to donate.

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Paths to Becoming a Midwife: Getting an Education is just what any aspiring midwife needs. Check out our Spring into Savings page to find out how you can save on this essential book.

Our Fiji Conference is happening now!

Conference 2016.6.21 NEW!

Walk-ins are welcome! You will be able to learn from expert teachers including Carol Gautschi, Gail Hart, Suzanne Thomson and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Classes to choose from include The Human Microbiome; Low-tech, No-tech Midwifery; Village Prenatals; Twin Birth; and Learning to Observe, Think and Challenge What We Were Taught. Learn more about our conference in Fiji.

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Special prices on Midwifery Today magazine! Act fast! This offer expires June 30 (postmark or fax by the expiration date). View Special Offer

The Bond of Midwifery and Art

Article 2016.5.30

“The idiom ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ begins to explain the importance of birth photography for midwifery. There is a valuable bond between the two.” Midwifery Today’s graphic designer shares her thoughts on the importance of birth photography to the normalization of gentle birth around the world. [Photo by Leilani Rogers] Read More

Outside the Evidence: Births Missing from the Research

Article 2016.4.26

The author provides a thought-provoking article about the biases found in birth research. “All of the high level medical evidence is flawed because it only reflects what happens at institutions that are big enough to do research. I’d like to call this institutional bias or academic bias, but those titles are both taken by other concepts. For lack of a better term, let’s call it research hospital bias.” [Photo by Monet Moutrie] Read More

30 Years and Still Going Strong!

Article 2016.3.29

“My desire with Midwifery Today was to fill the void of timely information but I wanted to do it in an artistic way, with photos, art, poetry and columns of information germane to our practices. The original goal was to midwife midwives and now it also includes encouraging and informing doulas, childbirth educators, moms and anyone else who is in involved with birth.” Midwifery Today’s editor-in-chief celebrates MT’s 30-year anniversary by honoring 13 of the magazine’s most loyal contributors and gentle birth advocates. Read More

MORNINGSTAR78child (3K)The Newly Born: Gazing and Human Development

Article 2016.3.1

This article by midwife Sister MorningStar provides the reader with insight into newborns and their needs, paying close attention to their sense of sight and the newborn’s inclination to gaze at his mother. Read More

Stress Deprivation in the Perinatal Period

Article 2016.2.16

“In the framework of our cultural conditioning, stress has a negative connotation: we must avoid stressful situations. Meanwhile, in the current scientific context, it appears that stress hormones have multiple roles to play and the concept of ‘stress deprivation’ has recently emerged in scholarly articles. We’ll look at birth by pre-labor cesarean as an extreme example of stress deprivation.” Read More

Learn the essentials of supportive touch

Featured Product 2016.6.21 NEW!

In Touch Techniques for Birth, Leslie Piper, LMT, and Leslie Stager, RN, LMT, show you how to make touch a part of your midwifery practice. You’ll learn about contraindications, acupressure, reflexology, hydrotherapy, general comfort strokes, pain relieving techniques and more. A special feature includes a midwife’s story of the use of belly rub and emotional support to encourage labor. This DVD belongs in your midwifery library! View Product

EmerGently Brochure Available—Birth Is Normal!

News 2016.5.30

This pamphlet was designed by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide. Simple graphics depict the most essential guidelines for a normal, healthy birth. Communicating directly without even the need for language, it is designed to assist safe birth in the deepest reaches of the planet. Available as a free download or durable glossy brochures to put in clinics, shelters, fire and police stations, libraries, schools and hospitals.

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2016.6.26 NEW!

If a woman has a history of postpartum hemorrhage, I will often offer her shepherd's purse tincture prophylactically, two droppersful under the tongue after the placenta delivers. Have her hold it under the tongue as long as she can stand it, then follow with a little bit of water to drink.

— Annette Manant, CNM, E-News 1:35

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2016.6.26 NEW!

When midwives allow their right of self determination to be taken away, they seriously diminish the opportunities for women everywhere to determine their own childbirth destinies.

— Valerie El Halta