Germany Conference Meet Robin Lim at our Germany Conference!

Conference 2015.7.31 NEW!

Robin is a mother, grandmother, author, poet, midwife and educator who lives in Bali with her husband and children. She is a founder and executive director for Yayasan Ibu Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bal and splits her time between the birth center and the Tsunami Relief Clinic in Samatiga Aceh, Sumatra. She will be teaching or co-teaching several classes, including Human Rights Issue: Premature Cord Cutting, Solving Common Complications and Pillars of Midwifery: Insight, Information and Intuition. Part of our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany. Learn More

Posterior Questions and Answers

Article 2015.7.13

’Why Can It Be a Problem? It can be considered a problem to labor with a posterior baby, but it isn’t always! I have had moms without complaint give birth to a posterior baby and be surprised when baby came out looking up at them! However, mom may complain of more back pain, and labor may take a bit or a lot longer (but how do we really know?).” Read More

There’s No Place Like Home

Editorial 2015.6.17

’The thing is, we midwives, doulas and other informed birth practitioners have always known that homebirth is safer. … We know when and how to stand aside and be watchful as the beauty and uniqueness of each motherbaby unfolds their birth journey—unfolding from one being into two. We are also ever ready for emergencies during the birth, and we are vigilant during prenatals to suggest and educate in order to prevent certain emergencies from happening.” Read More

What does Optimal MotherBaby Friendly Care mean to you?

Conference 2015.7.31 NEW!

Join Debra Pascali-Bonaro and other International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization (IMBCO) members for a day of inspiration, discussion and action, 20 October, 2015, 10 am to 4 pm in Bad Wildbad, Germany. Learn from those who have implemented the 10 Steps of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative around the world, including CNN Hero Midwife Robin Lim whose work in Indonesia, the Philippines and the recent disaster in Nepal show us how these 10 steps provide the keys to safe, gentle birth in any setting. Globally it is a time of great change. We are moving from the Millennium Development Goals to the new Sustainable Development Goals. More research and initiatives support a woman’s right to choose her place and circumstance of birth. The meeting is the day before the Midwifery Today Germany 2015 Conference. Learn More

The Revolution So Far

Article 2015.6.8

Diana Paul gets readers up to date on the Birth Revolution. ’The Birth Revolution is like the slow food movement—it takes time to cook, it tastes best in community and a small taste leaves you wanting more.” Read More

After the Disaster: What Comes Next in the Philippines

Article 2015.6.1

Midwife Vicki Penwell shares the experience she and other helpers from Mercy In Action had in their successful attempts to provide midwifery care to those affected by Hurricane Yolanda. Read More

Crossing Borders with Andrea

Article 2015.4.29

“Andrea called me at my home in the US, and we discussed her experiences, her past, her feelings, the doctor’s actions and statements, Andrea’s desires, needs, people resources and her instinctual knowing. Andrea’s expected due date was November 24 and it was November 29 when she called me again. She spoke of her confusion with the medical way with birth and her own instinct that it should be a natural straightforward event. Fear dominated the birth stories that circled around her. ‘Every time I interact with the medical people, I become filled with fear. Otherwise, I feel calm.’ Andrea decided to keep waiting.” Read More

Collaboration Is KEY

Article 2015.4.29

Despite our best efforts as midwives, providing high quality prenatal care, educating and empowering our clients and being ever vigilant in knowing normal and when to intervene, we will always have women who require the care of physicians and hospitals. The ability to facilitate that transfer of care in a timely, professional and compassionate manner should be the standard of care, not the exception. Read More

See How Birth Should Be

Featured Product 2015.7.13

This 4-disc DVD set from La Primavera Maternidad Clinica gives you over 7 hours of birth footage. Jan Tritten says: “The births shown in this DVD set are the most beautiful births I have ever seen on film. They are so gentle and work so well with nature, they show how birth should be conducted in a very gentle, hands-off kind of way.” The set is in Spanish only, but our shared humanity makes them completely relatable. View Product

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2015.8.2 NEW!

Postpartum Perineum Treatments:

I give my moms an herbal mix postpartum so they can make an infusion for healing the perineum. It contains comfrey root and leaves, rosemary, sea salt and uva ursi. Moms can soak a washcloth with the infusion and then freeze it, or pour some on a pad and freeze it. Either of these methods is very effective for relieving discomfort and healing tissues after birth.

— April, midwifery Today Issue 71

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2015.8.2 NEW!

Perhaps the most powerful intervention is the healing power of love and intimacy and the emotional and spiritual transformation that often results.

— Judy Edmunds