Midwifery Today Conference
“Weaving Together the Art, Science and Spirit of Midwifery”
Eugene/Springfield, Oregon • April 3–7, 2013


IMG_0135CGautschi_2fingers (16K)

Carol Gautschi demonstrating in roundtable

IMG_0234attendees_rebozo (27K)

Attendees practicing rebozo in roundtable

IMG_0167SisterM_holdspace (29K)

Sister MorningStar in roundtable

IMG_0232attendees_listen (29K)

Attendees listen in roundtable

IMG_0154GailHart_roundtable (18K)

Gail Hart in roundtable


This is the first conference I have ever been to. I am overwhelmed by the acceptance and sisterhood that has been extended to me. I have been touched deeply and am so thankful to each of you.
Eugene 2013 attendee

I just can’t imagine how it could be any better. I feel empowered and got everything I expected and more… So much more!
Eugene 2013 attendee

This was such a loving, inclusive, sharing group of people aimed for the same goal—What’s best for mammas and babies.
Eugene 2013 attendee

Midwifery Today always puts on professional and beautiful conferences with a wide variety of topics.
Eugene 2013 attendee

Everything was great. Wish it was longer. I feel like I recharge my batteries and reset my intentions with every conference.
Eugene 2013 attendee

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