Why Classifieds?

Because people read them! Many midwives, students, doulas and childbirth educators make a point of checking the classifieds each issue. Classifieds are a collection of information on resources for our readers. Their low cost makes them an easy way to get your name and product known. Whether you have a brand new business or have been in business for years, classified ads are an essential way to get your business going and keep it going. In fact, some companies run multiple classifieds in the same issue. The multiple exposure, combined with the low cost of the classified ads, provides an inexpensive way to increase the number of responses.

Text Classifieds:

Text Classifieds are $1.30 per word with a 10-word minimum.

Word Count:

  • Your name, city and state are each counted as one word, regardless of the number of actual words (e.g., New Haven Glen, New Jersey is counted as two words.) The zip code is not counted.
  • Phone number, including area code, is counted as one word. Standard abbreviations, such as U.S., PO, RFD, RR, FOB, COD, SASE are each counted as one word. Example: PO Box 123 counts as three words. Web and e-mail addresses are counted as one word for each eight characters; for example, "https://midwiferytoday.com" is four words. However, "Web page: http://www.birthbusiness.com" is six words. An e-mail example: "ads@midwiferytoday.com" is counted as three words.
  • If you have any questions, fax or e-mail a copy of your ad and we will count the words for you.

Graphic Classifieds

Standout visuals in the classified section are an option with classified advertising. Combine the low cost of a classified ad with artwork or your logo for a visual impact.

Prices are as follows: Columns are 3.4375 inches wide; the cost is $60 for the first vertical column-inch; $50 for each additional vertical column-inch.

To run a graphic classified:
Send us a rough sketch of your ad, any artwork or logo you want included and the text of the ad, along with payment for your first insertion. Remember, don't try to squeeze too much in!


Calendar Ads:

Calendar ads have the same possibilities, restrictions and pricing as our classified ads.

Types of Calendar Ads:

Events: These are conferences, seminars and workshops which are happening on one specific date during the year. If you are having an event in November, you might want to start advertising it in the Spring issue, and also in the Summer and Fall issues. Or you might only advertise in the Summer issue or only the Fall, though you may find that you will get more responses to an ad the more times you run it and the longer in advance you let people know about your event.

Ongoing: These are generally training seminars, workshops, and classes which are repeated throughout the year either in the same location or at locations around the country. You would run an ongoing ad continuously, making minor changes with each issue to remove classes which have already happened and to add future classes to the list as the dates become available.

Running Late?

Consider advertising in E-News. Our biweekly newsletter is sent to over 15,000 subscribers!


Classified/Calendar Advertising Contracts

Prepay 4 issues and get a 15% discount! Contract for 4 issues and pay prior to each ad deadline and get a 10% discount. If payment or ad changes are received after the deadline for contracted ads, no discount will be applied.

Please see our Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Classified Categories

ProductsBirth-related products or services.
Educational ProductsBooks, tapes, teaching tools.
EducationEducational opportunities, schools and distance learning programs.
OpportunitiesHome-based business, selling a practice or birth center, seeking distributors for your product, etc.
Job OpportunitiesTrying to fill a job opening for a CNM or a midwifery educator, seeking a partner, etc.
ConnectionsSeeking someone with special skills, looking for an apprenticeship, wanting to adopt, doing research, etc.

For more information on classified advertising or any advertising opportunities with Midwifery Today, call +1-541-344-7438 and ask for the ad director or send e-mail to ads@midwiferytoday.com

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the Advertising Terms and Conditions. By advertising with Midwifery Today, Inc., you are agreeing to the Advertising Terms and Conditions.