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Midwifery Today Issue Number 50 (Summer 1999) Homebirth
Drugs in Labor, Back Issues on Sale, Homebirth Products, Back Issues
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Theme: Homebirth
Why homebirth? Issue 50 of Midwifery Today magazine explores numerous facets of this birth choice, from safety to autonomy, supplies to choosing a practitioner, healing past birth experiences, drug-free birth, self-empowerment, and more. Three favorite homebirth stories told by midwives help you understand the simplicity and joy of homebirth. "Homebirth allows the personality of each birth to unfold as it was designed to, in the midst of each family's comforting space, unique gathering of people and things they treasure most." This issue can be purchased with the Heart and Science of Homebirth booklet or our popular Homebirth Pack, complete with audiotapes.
  *Not Among Strangers
  *Why Homebirth?
  *Homebirth: What Are the Issues?
  *Home: Our Birth Right, Healing Through Homebirth
  *Ultrasound: More Harm Than Good?
  *Drugs in Labour
  *Birth Stories; Ecuador

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