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Tear Prevention Handbook
Code: C514TR
Price: $14.00
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Save $4! Offer expires Aug. 29, 2016. Regular price: $18.00.

While tears cannot always be prevented, this book will provide you with a variety of suggestions for keeping the perineum intact. Experienced midwives offer their suggestions for healing, when tears do occur, ranging from Super Glue to seaweed. You will find this handy book essential to your midwifery practice.

Chapters include:

  • A Natural Alternative to Suturing
  • The Art of the Sitz Bath
  • Tips on Tear Prevention
  • Protecting the Upper Tissues
  • Easing the Baby Out
  • Can We Really Use Super Glue Instead of Suture?
  • Champagne and the Fetal Ejection Reflex

Authors include:

  • Gloria Lemay
  • Robin Lim
  • Marina Alzugaray
  • Sara Wickham
  • Anne Frye
  • Marion Toepke McLean
  • Michel Odent

Paper, 68 pages

Part of the Holistic Clinical Series. Save when you order a Holistic Clinical Series Combo. See "Related Items" below.


Survivor Moms: Women's Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse
Code: MB02
Price: $29.95
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Save $5! Offer expires Aug. 29, 2016. Regular price: $34.95.

Mickey Sperlich and Julia Seng

Sexual abuse and the reactions to it affect mothers' whole lives--from thinking about having children all the way to being grandmothers.

Survivor Moms was written to help break down the isolation pregnant women and their caregivers often feel--as though they were the only ones having to cope with these challenges. In 1998, together with a team of survivors, therapists, and midwives, Mickey developed a survey project called "Survivor Moms Speak Out." This survey asked basic questions about the ways in which survivors felt that their pregnancies, births, postpartum and mothering had been influenced by their history as survivors. A total of 207 surveys were returned, and from this number 81 women completed a narrative or contributed a poem. Excerpts from these narratives form the basis of Survivor Moms.

The book also includes some complete narratives along with resources and information from current research. You'll be able to read the clinical perspectives of midwives and contributions from other health care professionals, and you will learn about the implications of women's experiences for their care and discover suggestions for working together during maternity care and beyond.

You need Survivor Moms if you are a survivor, a midwife, a mental health provider or if you know a survivor who is on this path. This book will teach you about abuse, mothering and the ongoing journey of healing and surviving. It will also help you discover what you can do to help.

Chapters cover:

  • Life before Motherhood
  • Pregnancy
  • Labor and Birth
  • Postpartum and Breastfeeding
  • Mothering and Attachment
  • Healing and Survivorship

Motherbaby Press. Paper, 245 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-890446-41-3

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