Australia Conference Early Registration Discount Extended to August 29

CONFERENCE  2014.8.15
Attend the full-day Shoulder Dystocia and “Malpresentations” In Part 1 of this two-part class with Tine Greve (pictured) and Gail Hart you will hear about the mechanical and physical causes of shoulder dystocia; the associated risk factors; symptoms and signs to predict it; and tools to remedy it. Tine and Gail will also analyze tools and methods used to overcome panic reactions and demonstrate effective treatments. Part 2 will give you an in-depth look at malpresentations and mal-rotations; their likelihood and causes; palpation methods to identify them and the techniques for assessing and dealing with them. Part of our conference in Byron Bay, Australia this November. LEARN MORE…

The Art and Soul of Midwifery: Creativity in Practice, Education and Research

REVIEW  2014.7.11
Review by Sarah Harwell. “Editor Lorna Davies has put together a diverse collection of writings that thoughtfully explore the intersections of art, creativity and midwifery. Birth art, craft, theater, dance and poetry are some of the art forms explored in-depth.” READ MORE…

The Doula Business Guide; Creating a Successful MotherBaby Business

REVIEW  2014.6.30
Review by Toni Rakestraw. “The Doula Business Guide is a step-by-step guide to setting up your doula business. From writing your business plan to tax issues, this book will be a great asset to doulas everywhere who need to know more about the business side of things.” READ MORE…

How does our way of birth affect future generations?

ARTICLE  2014.7.18
Midwife Marion Toepke McLean discusses this interesting topic. “Lack of a healthy immune system may produce inflammation-based chronic diseases, as well as allergies and auto-immune disorders. Cesarean babies and babies who lack early contact with their mothers have been noted to have an increased incidence of these conditions….” Read this article from Midwifery Today Issue 110. READ MORE…

Homebirth and the Microbiome

ARTICLE  2014.6.13
“I have valued homebirth ever since my doctor talked me into having one! I had two homebirths and they were the most empowering events I have ever experienced. After a horrendous hospital birth with my first child, these births were especially amazing.” Read this editorial by Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today Issue 110. READ MORE…

Mercy In Action Midwives Form Disaster Response to Deadly Super Typhoon

ARTICLE  2014.6.11
Midwife Vicki Penwell describes her experience of providing aid with Mercy In Action in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. “I think all of the midwives are dead!” This is what a distraught husband told his laboring wife the day after super typhoon Haiyan devastated the coast of Leyte Island in the Philippines. So although our own homes and birth center had been badly damaged by the severe flooding on Luzon Island the month before, my daughter-in-law Rose said, “Vic, we have to go help.” READ MORE…

Honoring Placenta Wisdom

ARTICLE  2014.5.27
Midwife Sister MorningStar shares her love and admiration of placentas in this beautifully written article. “I spent hours poring over my first placenta as an apprentice. I had watched farm and domestic mammals give birth but barely saw their placentas as the mother consumed them as quickly as they birthed. I was fascinated by the puzzle pieces: the fat lobes making a pie-shaped disc; the way it felt heavy in my hand; the smooth side for baby; the veins running like rivers meeting at a center; the cord insertion; the smell. I turned it over and over and looked again.” READ MORE…

Thinking about becoming a midwife?

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Learn about midwifery education!

Are you an aspiring midwife who’s looking for the right school? Are you a practicing midwife who would like to learn more? Visit our Education Opportunities page to discover ways to start or continue your education. LEARN MORE…

Trick of the Trade

I believe a lot of breeches happen in second and subsequent pregnancies because the mother is carrying a 30-pound two-year-old on her 'bump' for the entire pregnancy. If the baby is breech, that weight on his head every day can predispose him to settle into the pelvis in that position. Warn the mother of a toddler not to use her pregnant belly as a platform for heavy objects of any kind. Dad can carry the two-year-old more often, or she can use her hip as a support.
— Gloria Lemay, E-News 1:7

Quotable Quote

A good midwife learns quickly that humility will help her become more receptive to the needs of the mother and baby, thereby blessing her with greater intuition.
— Lydi Owen