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After the Disaster: What Comes Next in the Philippines

ARTICLE  2015.5.12
Midwife Vicki Penwell shares the experience she and other helpers from Mercy In Action had in their successful attempts to provide midwifery care to those affected by Hurricane Yolanda. READ MORE…

Why are birth centers beneficial?

E-NEWS  2015.5.12
“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the world’s greatest current health need is making motherhood safe. The WHO goes even further by stating that the health care professional needed most to save the lives of the mothers and babies is the midwife—especially the midwife who is trained to work outside of hospitals. In light of this, I conceived the idea to start ‘teaching birth centers’ in the Philippines.” The current issue of Midwifery Today E-News takes a look at Birth Centers. SIGN UP FOR FREE NEWSLETTER ] READ MORE…

Avoid Fetal “Keepsake” Images, Heartbeat Monitors

NEWS ITEM  2015.5.12
A stroll down your local mall may take you past a kiosk offering pregnancy keepsake pictures. “Fetal keepsake videos are controversial because there is no medical benefit gained from exposing the fetus to ultrasound. FDA is aware of several enterprises in the U.S. that are commercializing ultrasonic imaging by making fetal keepsake videos. In some cases, the ultrasound machine may be used for as long as an hour to get a video of the fetus.” LEARN MORE…

Collaboration Is KEY

ARTICLE  2015.4.29
Despite our best efforts as midwives, providing high quality prenatal care, educating and empowering our clients and being ever vigilant in knowing normal and when to intervene, we will always have women who require the care of physicians and hospitals. The ability to facilitate that transfer of care in a timely, professional and compassionate manner should be the standard of care, not the exception. READ MORE…

The Deadly Itch: How My Midwives Saved My Babies’ Lives

ARTICLE  2015.3.3
Not many are familiar with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), a condition that causes intense itching. What is surprising about ICP, that even fewer people realize, is that it can be a deadly disease. A mom shares her experience with ICP in this eye-opening first-hand account. READ MORE…

Fiji, the Land of Smiles

ARTICLE  2015.3.19
Facebook has proven itself to be a great way to meet midwives from other countries, and this is how I met sister midwives from Fiji. I made friends with Merewairita Valu, who then introduced me to Chandra Kanta. Sometimes you meet people on e-mail or Facebook and you know immediately that you are going to be the best of friends. That is how it was with both Merewairita and Chandra. Our like-mindedness was immediately felt and our concern for motherbaby and midwives was an obvious calling. READ MORE…

A Major New Resource for Maternity Care and the Midwifery Community

NEWS ITEM  2015.3.6
Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care is a landmark resource for maternity care, midwifery and childbearing families. Dr. Sarah J. Buckley is the author of this unprecedented, up-to-date synthesis of over 1100 studies. The report and an ongoing agenda to address its implications within the nation’s maternity care system are a project of Childbirth Connection Programs at the National Partnership for Women & Families. The new report and many related materials are freely available at the website, including a booklet for women, fact sheets for maternity care providers, and infographics. The public is invited to investigate, use and share these resources widely. GO TO WEBSITE…

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Trick of the Trade


Suggestions for Heartburn:

  • Papaya, fresh or dried, and/or papaya enzymes.
  • Don't combine protein and starches in meals.
  • Small frequent snacks instead of large meals.
  • Almonds.
  • No spicy or high acid foods.
  • A tbsp of coconut oil about 30 minutes before bed may help.
  • Heel drops. Drink 10 oz of water, then stand on toes and drop to heels 10 times. This will help close the epiglottis. It works well for non-pregnant women, too.
— Patricia Couch, Eugene, Oregon, Midwifery Today Issue 89

Quotable Quote

Recall may be affected by the vividness of information: Is it not easier to remember the story about the emergency transfer for cord prolapse than the story about the woman who labored for two hours and gave birth gently at home?
— Sara Wickham