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E-News 2015.10.6 NEW!

“Good luck with that cesarean section problem,” said my webmaster as he posted the beautiful home water birth photos of mother Kalista and baby Loki with father Trace and sister Sophie immersed in love, joy and newborn water. “It seems we were talking about that problem 30 years ago.” Yep, he’s right. We were. You may read an excerpt of this article by Sister MorningStar, who will be teaching at our conference in Germany, which starts October 21. Read responses to the question, How and why did you choose your midwife? in the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Midwives—Changing the Birth Paradigm is the theme. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

What are alternative remedies for birth?

Conference 2015.10.6 NEW!

Learn about herbs, homeopathics and other natural remedies in pregnancy, birth and postpartum from Diane Goslin and Janice Marsh-Prelesnik. They will also explain practical uses of these remedies for your clients’ ailments and complications. Part of our conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Learn More


Article 2015.9.29

Excerpt: I was a late acceptor of this delightful practice. When I was a homebirth midwife back in the 1970s early 80s, I wasn’t sure waterbirth was safe. I had questions, my main one being, Would the baby breathe before it emerged from the water? I had the opportunity to attend a huge conference in the 80s in London, England. This conference completely quelled all my fears about the safety of waterbirth. A physiologist who wasn’t actually a speaker explained the physiology eloquently.

AngelinaP3280069_w93 (16K)The Conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany, Begins October 21

Conference 2015.9.29

There’s still time to attend, though only walk-in registrations will be accepted at this time. Pack your bags and come hear Angelina Martinez Miranda discuss Mexican Traditions and Techniques: This full-day class covers positioning, remedies and customs from Mexico, simple techniques that promote healthy pregnancy and birth. You will learn how to use a rebozo, a very useful tool in all parts of the childbearing cycle. Plus you will practice what you are learning under Angelina’s watchful guidance. Part of our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany. Learn More

Wise Nutrition for Pregnancy

Article 2015.8.18

Midwife Sister MorningStar shares a handout-like article full of wise nutrition tips. “Eating healthy foods is one the greatest gifts we can give our unborn babies to insure their proper physical and mental development. Combined with fresh air, pure water, daily exercise, a gentle lifestyle and nurturing relationships, what we eat truly creates a body and baby who radiate health and happiness.”

A Surprise Breech at Home

E-News 2015.8.19

We were so excited to meet our baby! We had not had a single ultrasound during the pregnancy. We felt confident in our midwife and reassured by the sound of our child’s strong heartbeat. … The baby had been head down and in an opportune position for weeks now, as felt by two midwives. We had every reason to expect a safe and beautiful homebirth. Breech Birth is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

Global Birth Models

Article 2015.8.10

We have chosen five key factors that cut across all projects featured. All of these key ingredients are aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates. In order to fully grasp the “secret sauce” of each model, the five factors combined with other innovative aspects will paint a picture of what has been effective and why. 1) Sustainability—the ability to meet basic commitments and needs on an ongoing basis for the communities in which they work. Note that the ability to be self-sustaining is a goal of some projects and a fulfilled promise for others at this point in time.

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Each quarterly issue of Midwifery Today magazine is packed full of birth news, insights and information. You’ll also get an in-depth look at an important topic, with several articles devoted to the issue theme. Look over the list of available issues, then order the ones you need to help improve your practice. View Product

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2015.10.4 NEW!

A client alleviated her hypertension by taking two droppersful of hawthorn berry tincture, one in the morning and one at night. I had also recommended supplementing with calcium/magnesium (1000-1200 mgs / 500-600 mgs). She took these tablets in the morning and at night to get the full amount.

— Constance Miles, E-News 2:7

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2015.10.4 NEW!

Honesty and humility are two of the most important qualities a midwife can possess, and during your early years of practice they will be tested, tried, and strengthened again and again.

— Lois Wilson