Fiji, the Land of Smiles

ARTICLE  2015.3.19
Fijian MidwivesFacebook has proven itself to be a great way to meet midwives from other countries, and this is how I met sister midwives from Fiji. I made friends with Merewairita Valu, who then introduced me to Chandra Kanta. Sometimes you meet people on e-mail or Facebook and you know immediately that you are going to be the best of friends. That is how it was with both Merewairita and Chandra. Our like-mindedness was immediately felt and our concern for motherbaby and midwives was an obvious calling. [ PHOTO BY WANDA WALKER ] READ MORE…

Learn about breech birth at our Germany conference

CONFERENCE  2015.3.19
Attend this full-day class with Cornelia Enning, Angelina Martinez Miranda, Michel Odent and Gail Tully. You will learn about the most current breech research, see demonstrations of basic breech skills and increase your knowledge of breech complications. Sessions include Breech Birth Research, Turning Breech Babies, Alternative Methods for Breech and Breech Birth in Water. Plan to attend our conference in Germany this fall. LEARN MORE…

The Deadly Itch: How My Midwives Saved My Babies’ Lives

ARTICLE  2015.3.3
Not many are familiar with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), a condition that causes intense itching. What is surprising about ICP, that even fewer people realize, is that it can be a deadly disease. A mom shares her experience with ICP in this eye-opening first-hand account. READ MORE…

A Major New Resource for Maternity Care and the Midwifery Community

NEWS ITEM  2015.3.6
altcaptionHormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies, and Maternity Care is a landmark resource for maternity care, midwifery and childbearing families. Dr. Sarah J. Buckley is the author of this unprecedented, up-to-date synthesis of over 1100 studies. The report and an ongoing agenda to address its implications within the nation’s maternity care system are a project of Childbirth Connection Programs at the National Partnership for Women & Families. The new report and many related materials are freely available at the website, including a booklet for women, fact sheets for maternity care providers, and infographics. The public is invited to investigate, use and share these resources widely. GO TO WEBSITE…

Preeclampsia and Nutritional Priorities

ARTICLE  2015.2.28
altcaption“The nature and the expression of pregnancy diseases vary among different species of mammals. It is notable that these differences are related to the nutritional priorities during the prenatal phase of development.” READ MORE…

Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project

ARTICLE  2015.2.16
Birth Photographer Leilani Rogers created the Breastfeeding Awareness Project, which involves breastfeeding photography in the hopes of making breastfeeding a normal part of life in our culture. “Having breastfed four children, some with more success and support than others, I know firsthand what an accomplishment breastfeeding can feel like. It’s no wonder that I’ve developed a passion for capturing those bonding moments for others” READ MORE…

The Power of Placenta for Hemorrhage Control

ARTICLE  2015.2.4
“The placenta has been a source of wonder throughout history. This truly amazing organ transfers nutrients and gases between mother and baby, producing and secreting the various hormones needed to sustain the pregnancy and allow the baby to flourish…” READ MORE…

Two of My Birth Stories

ARTICLE  2015.1.22
altcaptionAs my contractions grew closer and stronger, I had less and less to contribute to the table conversation. I sneaked off upstairs and began preparing our bedroom for our long awaited homebirth. I enjoyed many good moments of just breathing, relaxing and letting my body work to move my baby down. I was so grateful to be doing this work in the privacy of my own bedroom, surrounded by those who love me most. No uncomfortable drive to a hospital. No paperwork to sign. No admitting questions to answer. No nurses to subvert. No unnecessary routine interventions to decline. No risk of intruders. No fear. [ PHOTO BY GREGG GARNER ] READ MORE…

Belly dance and pregnancy: a perfect pair!

Learn how to do it with Dance of the Womb: A Gentle Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth. This 2-disk DVD set includes a 45-minute warm-up and six dance chapters that teach specific movements and their uses during labor. You’ll also see belly dance in practice during labor, as well as a beautifully filmed 50-minute homebirth documentary. VIEW PRODUCT…

Trick of the Trade

I recommend that any pregnant woman with cervical scarring take evening primrose oil during the last month of her pregnancy, even applying it directly to her cervix. I had a cervical biopsy done between my third and fourth pregnancies and my labor for my fourth was very painful and long. I rubbed evening primrose oil on my cervix during labor and it really seemed to help things get moving.
— Lorrie White, E-News 2:12

Quotable Quote

The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.
— Anne and Ray Ortlund, Midwifery Today Issue 72