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Teaching about Birth

E-News 2015.11.27 NEW!

“During labor, the mom was doing a wonderful job focusing on her body and relaxing through contractions. It was definitely an uphill battle, however, because of all of the interruptions by the hospital staff! The nurses would enter the room loudly and ask questions loudly; the mom’s brain was constantly being stimulated and nobody seemed to recognize one of the basic needs of a laboring woman—the need for peace and quiet.” Childbirth Education is the theme of the final issue of 2015. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

Mother Health International’s Mission and Model

Article 2015.11.12

Mother Health has a Mobile Midwives program that sends midwives into rural villages each week to care for women who are unable to travel to the clinic. Reaching out to women in this way has facilitated a decrease in maternal and neonatal mortality in the area. Read More

Barbara HarperLearn from exciting teachers at our conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, next April!

Conference 2015.11.21

Planned speakers include Barbara Harper (pictured), Mary Cooper, Fernando Molina, Sister MorningStar, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Michel Odent and Gail Hart. Plan now to attend. Part of our conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Learn More

Michel OdentThe Birthing Pool Test

Article 2015.11.2

Finally, we are reaching a phase in the history of midwifery and obstetrical practices when an in-labor non-emergency cesarean appears in many cases as the best alternative to drugless childbirth. In such a context, we understand the need for a new generation of tests in order to decide early enough during labor that the vaginal route is acceptable, without waiting for the phase of real emergency …. Read More

Sharks and VBACs: The Fears of a Father

E-News 2015.10.27

“I would like to talk about fear and phobias, specifically the fear of sharks. Sharks scare me. As a child, they scared me so much that I developed a phobia of any body of water where I couldn’t see the bottom. I’m a grown man of over 30 now, but dark and foreboding waters still strike me motionless. It takes a good 15 minutes of pep talk to ready me for a swim in a pond.” Fathers is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

VBAC: Very Beautiful And Courageous

Article 2015.10.12

Excerpt: There was once a time, not so very long ago, when everyone knew that death was a possible outcome of birth. Midwives and doctors were called to help because they were the ones with the knowledge and experience, but they were not blamed if death came knocking. There was sadness. There was grief. But it was integrated in the realm of their spiritual beliefs. Read More


Article 2015.9.29

Excerpt: I was a late acceptor of this delightful practice. When I was a homebirth midwife back in the 1970s early 80s, I wasn’t sure waterbirth was safe. I had questions, my main one being, Would the baby breathe before it emerged from the water? I had the opportunity to attend a huge conference in the 80s in London, England. This conference completely quelled all my fears about the safety of waterbirth. A physiologist who wasn’t actually a speaker explained the physiology eloquently. Read More

Wise Nutrition for Pregnancy

Article 2015.8.18

Midwife Sister MorningStar shares a handout-like article full of wise nutrition tips. “Eating healthy foods is one the greatest gifts we can give our unborn babies to insure their proper physical and mental development. Combined with fresh air, pure water, daily exercise, a gentle lifestyle and nurturing relationships, what we eat truly creates a body and baby who radiate health and happiness.” Read More

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Gain a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes in becoming a mother

Featured Product 2015.11.12

The Big Stretch DVD presents women in different stages of pregnancy as they prepare for a natural birth and reflect with their partners on how they are "stretched" in every way-emotionally, physically and spiritually. Topics explored include breath awareness, pain and the intensity of birth, vaginal and body awareness, relationship and personal transformation, asking for help and women’s challenges. View Product

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2015.11.22 NEW!

According to the medical literature, human gestation ranges from 36 to 44 weeks. That is a two-month range, not the EDC plus or minus two weeks. The mean length of time plus or minus one standard deviation gives the 38- to 42-weeks range, with 40 weeks the average, or mean.

The mean has come to mean the right answer. Phooey! Here is an analogy: Few people actually have a 98.6 F temperature; that is an average. Some actually feel unwell if their temperature is 98.6 because their own body temperature is lower. Everyone has his or her own range. So it is with due dates.

'Due date' is only a guess that creates expectation. The woman often circles that date on her calendar so she won't schedule any other appointments for that day. Better to teach women that the misery of late pregnancy is a natural motivation to want to go into labor, which is a natural progression from the joy of showing the sweet little belly that occurs in the early months. Teach them how to pay attention to their babies to know if things are OK in there. Babies will still play and respond inside even at the very end.

As a cranio-sacral therapy practitioner, I appreciate the power of intention and belief. When a healthcare provider gets worried about the length of gestation, that worry communicates to the woman, who may delay the start of labor longer because her adrenalin level can go up. Worry and beliefs are contagious. It is the baby who initiates labor—and we all know that adrenalin is the enemy of oxytocin! So let's organize to keep pregnant ladies happy. Watch them with love and for heaven's sake, let the baby come when it wants.

— Nikki Lee, E-News 1:50

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2015.11.22 NEW!

For me, midwifery has always been an accelerated course in spiritual growth.

— Lynn Baptisti Richards