Save $8 on The Power of Women

SPECIAL  2015.1.19
This book by Sister MorningStar will show you how healing words and empowering stories help women listen to their instincts during childbirth. Filled with inspiring, moving stories, The Power of Women is a wonderful gift for any pregnant woman. This is just one of the great deals on our Online Holiday Coupon Page. Be sure to take advantage of the savings before they expire at the end of January. You’ll also find special offers from other merchants. LEARN MORE…

Social Media and Midwives: What Is Appropriate?

E-NEWS  2015.1.13
“Before the computer gave everyone access to a vast amount of venues for information, it was fairly simple to know which context was appropriate for discussion of confidential information and which wasn’t. Now that physicians have websites such as SERMO in which to discuss cases and everyone has access to social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook, the landscape of patient confidentiality has changed dramatically. Boundaries which were obvious before the upswing in computer sites are now not so obvious. SIGN UP FOR FREE NEWSLETTER ] READ MORE…

Come to Germany this October!

CONFERENCE  2015.1.13
Plan now to attend our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany, October 2015. You’ll learn from teachers such as Elizabeth Davis, Cornelia Enning, Gail Hart, Fernando Molina, Sister MorningStar and Michel Odent. Choose from a wide variety of classes, including Breech, Mexican Techniques, Shoulder Dystocia, Birth Positions and Organic Midwifery. LEARN MORE…

Two of My Birth Stories

ARTICLE  2015.1.22  NEW!
altcaptionAs my contractions grew closer and stronger, I had less and less to contribute to the table conversation. I sneaked off upstairs and began preparing our bedroom for our long awaited homebirth. I enjoyed many good moments of just breathing, relaxing and letting my body work to move my baby down. I was so grateful to be doing this work in the privacy of my own bedroom, surrounded by those who love me most. No uncomfortable drive to a hospital. No paperwork to sign. No admitting questions to answer. No nurses to subvert. No unnecessary routine interventions to decline. No risk of intruders. No fear. [ PHOTO BY GREGG GARNER ] READ MORE…

Midwifing a Movement

ARTICLE  2014.12.17
Seeds_hand_BDunne_cr120 (12K)“One of my favorite things to do is walk in my garden. My husband and I grow a lot of our food, and I love walking through my beds, observing, planning and just being. Along with midwifery, gardening is a passion of mine. That is why I am so thankful I met Emilee Gettle, who, like me, runs a magazine. Emilee is a leader in the healthy food movement.” Read this editorial by Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today Issue 112. [ PHOTO BY BRIAN DUNNE / BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS ] READ MORE…

Journey with a Birth Theme

ARTICLE  2014.12.3
Midwife Aneke Schmittner of Playa del Carmen, Mexico“After my daughter, Mandy, graduated from college in May, she and I began planning a graduation celebration trip. Her dad was happy to stay at home and feed the cat. As coordinator of Midwifery Today’s country contacts and the one who updates our online international pages, I was eager to include visits to some of the people with whom I’ve been in contact. We chose Mexico and Belize and set about packing.“ [ PHOTO PROVIDED BY AUTHOR ] READ MORE…

Tribute to a Maverick

ARTICLE  2014.11.21
Article by Ina May Gaskin: The dynamic influence of the Gaskin duo reaches far and wide, and in this touching piece, Ina May gives tribute to her beloved husband, Stephen, who recently passed away. “Anyone who knows the story about how I became a midwife knows very well that it would not have happened without Stephen. He opened up a path for me to become a midwife in the US during a time when hardly anyone was aware that nurse-midwifery existed, a time when comparatively few people even knew what a midwife was.” READ MORE…

What does a doula do?

Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion demonstrates the non-medical but highly practical and emotional support given to the mother before, during and after childbirth. It contains two sections: “Birth Doula” shows three doula-supported births, while “Postpartum Doula” follows two postpartum doulas helping new mothers in those first weeks of life with a newborn. This DVD is a good educational resource for doulas to show potential clients. VIEW PRODUCT…

Trick of the Trade

We've had a lot of success in our practice using breastfeeding itself as an antidepressant, with supporting herbs and very good nutrition to help manage overwhelm/fatigue/blues. We have used sedating teas: catnip, skullcap, licorice. We have used mood and hormone stabilizers in tincture form as needed: motherwort, dong kwai, lemon balm. We have used Bach Flower Remedies as needed: olive and Rescue Remedy. Many mothers who previously used psych meds are skilled at determining when the herbs are not enough for them.
— S. Condon, CNM in New York, E-News 1:33

Quotable Quote

No matter how much data have been accumulated on however many mothers, we can never know scientifically exactly what will happen in the next birth.
— David Stewart, PhD